Contrast that with the fact that most of the time when you are travelling, Facebook actually knows where you are staying. And that it knows because either Facebook users most of the time do a check-in or share the details and photos of the place where they are staying, or Facebook just gets the information from the GPS of the phone on which your FB app is installed.

In a reply to a follow-up question from Durbin, Zuckerberg also said he will not like to reveal who he texted with last week. This again is in contrast to the kind of information that Facebook already gathers from its users. The company’s Messenger app, when granted permission to contacts, records details of SMS and calls.

Zuckerberg revealed his preference for strong privacy, albeit unwittingly, during a hearing before a joint session of Judiciary and Commerce Committee on the topic of Facebook’s data use. The hearing has been called in the wake of Cambridge Analytica scandal.

This is not the first time Zuckerberg has shown or hinted that he cares for his privacy in ways the regular Facebook users don’t. In fact just a few days ago, the news came out that Zuckerberg even has special Facebook tools, such as deleting messages send through Facebook Messenger, that are not available to regular users. After it came to light that old messages that Zuckerberg sent were deleted, Facebook promised that it would rollout a similar feature to all Facebook users soon.

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Zuckerberg is also reportedly very careful about what information he shares. Through one of his office photos, the world learnt that he uses tape on microphone and web cam on his laptop. There are also reports that when Zuckerberg bought a house a few years, he also bought several properties surrounding it and demolished them to ensure that the privacy in his house is better and there are no neighbours peeking into his lawn or rooms.

(Culled from India Today)