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Zainab Indomie biography, early life, career

The Kannywood industry is a major pillar in Nigeria’s movie sector. This is the most vibrant Hausa language movie industry in the world where you can get all sorts of top quality genre of Hausa language movies acted by skilled performers. Some actors and actresses made the Kannywood industry the huge brand it is today. One of them is Zainab Indomie, one of the most talented actresses to have acted in Kannywood. Though Zainab is no longer a regular face in the industry, her footprints are still very visible in the success story of Kannywood industry. Many of her fans are praying ceaselessly for her to return to the scenes, believing that one day they will wake up and see their adorable actress on the big screens again.

Who is Zainab Indomie?

Zainab Abdullahi, popularly known by fans as Zainab Indomie, was born the 17th May 1996 in Abuja, Nigeria. She was born into a humble home where she was given a free hand to nurture a dream of becoming an actress early in life. Zainab is said to have Sudanese background as one of her parents has a family root from that country. The beautiful actress who has a diploma in Computer Science is among the few Nigerian actresses who are household brands even while not very active in the industry again.


Zainab’s career began early in life as a child while showing a great appetite for watching movies. Reports have it that while growing up, everyday she would endeavor to complete the chores she was given at home and then dash off with friends to watch Indian movies. She began to be influenced by the acting skills she saw on screen and suddenly developed an innate passion to become an actress. Her exposure to a lot of Indian and Kannywood movies made her admire the acting abilities of some of the actors and actresses. She gradually began to develop an urge to get into the movie scenes and interpret roles. That was how Zainab ended up in her dream career which is acting and today she is one of the biggest brands to have graced Kannywood scenes.

Zainab grew to become one of the highest paid Kannywood actresses but suddenly went off the screens without anyone knowing what happened. She re-emerged after five years to dust her acting career but she is currently not a regular face in movies. On why she left the scene for a while, Zainab once said in an interview that she stayed off a while from acting to pave way for younger and upcoming actresses in the Kannywood industry. She further stated that actors and actresses that have been in the business should always encourage and allow new actresses and stars to shine. She said she never regretted her decision because she could see the impact of her absence in the Kannywood industry.

After joining the Kannywood industry in 2008, Zainab quickly rose to fame as a young actress in an industry that was already very competitive with top quality hands. She relieved help and direction in the acting profession from one of the best in the industry, Adam Zango, actor, producer, singer and director. They have also featured in movies together.

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Zainab who starred in blockbuster films like ‘Wali-Jam’, ‘Ali’ and ‘Garinmu Da Zafi’, said she “attained stardom at very young age but something went wrong which made me to lose everything”. She had said that during her stardom she wasn’t herself and now she wasn’t blaming anybody for her misfortunes. “I was not myself then, it was not deliberate and I’m not blaming anybody for my past misfortunes. Even as it stands, I can’t remember anything, can’t remember what caused it, who caused it and why it was me.” Well, Zainab’s explanations for her absence did little to douse the desire of her fans for her to quick return to the big screens of Kannywood. They are still believing that one day this pretty talent will return to the big screens to continue making fans happy.

Zainab has starred in several films among which are Ina Nan, Khaleesat, Zuri’a, Walijam, Tarkon Kauna, Son Mai So, Shahuda, Sani Nake So, Romeo de Jamila, Raliya, Rai Dai, Kundin Tsari, Komai Daren Dadewa Wahidin, and Nusaiba. If you’ve not watched any of these movies just look for where you can get them and see what top quality Zainab is made of. These movies are not recent but Zainab’s movies are known for being classic and you can watch them over and over just to see the way she interprets roles naturally.


Zainab is one of the actresses who have inspired many young ladies especially from Hausa speaking states of Nigeria to desire to go into the acting profession. Her impressive performances in movies are ever fresh in the minds of fans. She is a role model whose personality is infectiously encouraging, no matter whatever anyone thinks about her. She has paid her dues in the Kannywood industry as one of the best hands on big screens that made the industry the huge brand it is today.

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