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Your Health! 18 Pointless Worries You Should Stop Caring About

The struggles of life most times make us worry a lot. But there are times we actually kill ourselves worrying over what shouldn’t bother us. Well, this piece by Dan Western can help you understand how to free yourself from pointless worries that weigh you down unnecessarily. Read it!

18 Pointless Worries I’ve Stopped Caring About

I wanted to write this article to highlight a ton of different thoughts we all have that constantly get people down in life. They put us in bad moods, make us lose hope, confidence, and all the love we feel for life!

If you’re one of these people, I hope this inspires you to worry less, and live more, whilst you have the golden opportunity to do so.

This article is uncensored from here on out. Here’s 18 pointless worries, complaints and other bull’ I’ve stopped caring about:


1. Whether I’m “Supposed” to Be Doing What I’m Doing or Not

People always think they know what’s best for you. They try to pull you in one direction or the other, whenever you’re on a path that’s straight.

“You should be doing this, you should be going here, or focusing on this.”

Am I right?

How many of you have had someone in your life who’s tried to guide you away from the direction you want to be going in?

You finally find something you love, and yet they’re not happy. People would rather you live a miserable and stable life, than a happy and risky one.

You’re in this for you. Not for anybody else. Don’t let people try and dictate what you can and can’t do. Even if they do truly want the best for you, that’s exactly what you want for yourself too.

2. People Who Hate Without Reason


Honestly… why? Is it jealousy, anger, what?

The more you open yourself up to the world, the more raw emotion you will pull in from people. This means BOTH love and hate.

And most of the time, that hate makes no sense. There’s no reasoning behind it, no constructive feedback, just pure hate. Pointless.

And, to be honest… the hate people have for you normally stems from their own personal issues, so stay positive.

Be positive, ALWAYS.


3. Being Normal

Have you ever tried being ‘Normal’? It feels ridiculous… let’s be honest.

You know, that bracket people just kind of sit in when they have no character, ambition, skills or qualities that make them unique.

EMBRACE your true self! Don’t let the world minimize you. Be proud of who you are. Be weird, be ambitious, be daring… Just be something!


4. Being Accepted By Everyone

It’s almost impossible to be accepted by everyone. Everybody is different, and I don’t mean bad/good different. Just different.

Everybody has different opinions, styles, preferences, personalities, and that’s a great thing!

Sure, some of them will make you think; “What the f**k is going on?!”

To which you’d probably be right. But difference (in most cases), is a wonderful thing. It just means that not everyone will like what you like. Simple.

5. Whether I’m “Good Enough”

This one’s a biggie, and what with high ambitions, it’s a tough one. I’m sure we all worry at some point about being good enough for something.

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Being good enough to give people advice, good enough to make a truck load of money, to do what you love, to marry the person of your dreams. We all question ourselves on that, right?


Stop questioning yourself and start acting. Maybe you’re not ready to achieve those things just yet. But if you keep working to develop yourself, eventually you will be!

Come on guys, don’t ever question whether you’re good enough.

6. The Past

It can’t be changed, only acknowledged. A lot of people suffer from disturbing pasts. These are often pasts that are hard to move on from.

You can’t change anything that’s happened to you in the past, but you can acknowledge it, learn from it, and be grateful for where you are now.


7. Being Stood up

It happens… let’s be honest. By both friends, family and dates. You arrange a time, and last minute they cancel, or don’t even bother letting you know.

Then you get down, upset, angry, whatever it may be, and the situation affects your mood for 1, 2, 3, days?

Here’s what happens when I get stood up nowadays: I get back to work. I try and get the next slice of the pie. I do a little self-improvement.

I DON’T b**ch and complain about it for the next few days whilst only being half focused on my work.

This is not something you need to worry about. You’re better off and you know it!


8. Following the Path of the Majority

“…Oh boy… he said it. Here we go again…”

Did you think I would just let this slip?

Don’t follow what everybody else is doing just for the sake of doing so! Because maybe you think it’s the safe option, and that if everybody else is doing it then it’s the best thing for you to do. Hell no!

Think for yourself. Decide what you think is best for you. Sometimes it might be the right option, but the key is to make the decision yourself.

If you don’t and decide to follow everybody else, then I’ll be waiting with an “I told you so” when it doesn’t work out quite how you expected.


9. How I Look or Sound on Camera

Even as I dived into self-improvement, started building my confidence, getting out of my comfort zone and making moves; there were still fears that held me back.

One of these fears was how I looked and sounded in front of a video camera.

For someone who had literally no self-esteem growing up; from wearing jumpers all the time because I hated my arms, or just letting others push me around because I wasn’t confident enough to speak out.

There was always going to be a point where I hit a wall, even after conquering all this. It’s still a wall that can be climbed, I just needed to get my breath back. I’ve now made a promise to be publishing at least 2 videos on YouTube every week from now on.


10. Making Mistakes

We all make ’em.

You make them, I make them, your boss makes them. Your parents make them. We always seem to worry about making the smallest of mistakes, like it’s the absolute end of the world.

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Just to let you know, it’s not.

Your mistakes are learning tools, not life threatening circumstances. Embrace your mistakes, be proud of the fact that you’re now on your path to correcting them.

If a person tells you they’ve never made a mistake, they’ve likely never done anything worthwhile. Or worse, they’ve achieve a decent level of success, but they haven’t even noticed their mistakes and now everything’s catching up to them.

11. Having it All Together All the Time

We won’t always have things together. We’re not in control of everything. We like to think we are but we’re not. Don’t use this as an excuse, instead just acknowledge that you can’t always have things go your way.

Once you’ve acknowledged this, you can stop worrying about it, and cross the bridge once you get to it.


12. Having Money for Materialistic S**t I Want But Don’t Need

You’ll outlast any piece of technology you buy. Any car you purchase.

Therefore, isn’t it more important in spending money to improve yourself, instead of buying things that are guaranteed to break a few years down the line?

Maybe you should stop worrying about buying that new TV, or that new car, and start focusing on putting that money to better use.


13. Being Hated For Being Transparent

Back when I had very little self-esteem, I couldn’t even imagine being transparent in public, and on social media.

What do I mean by being transparent?

Being 100% myself wherever I go. Not hiding any part of myself from others. When I first started working towards this, I was scared that people might not like the real me. I was scare that I’d receive hate on my opinions, goals, ambitions…

You’ve got to get past that.

It’s the only way for you to become completely fulfilled in life.


14. Embarrassing Myself

I used to be embarrassed so damn easily! The little things always used to make me feel this way. In a way, I kind of thrive off of those moments these days.

You know when you find it embarrassing to ask certain people specific questions? I thrive off that. Seriously. If people can sense you’re embarrassed, they’ll be embarrassed for you. But if you take those questions and OWN them, you can build strong relationships. Trust me.

15. Collecting Scars

A lot of people don’t realize this, but the majority of visible scars people have aren’t noticeable, not because they’re small, but because they don’t fit the generic definition of a scar.

At 18 years old, I was only 145lbs at 6ft 2″ tall. I was skinny as f**k.  I’ve put on 42lbs of lean mass since then, but I always think of that extra weight as a scar. Due to struggling to deal with my emotions, I started working out, and never stopped.

People see the weight increase, but they don’t see what truly caused it.

People have all kinds of scars, from what they wear to how much they weigh. Think before you judge.

I rambled… the point of this is that scars are a reminder of what you’ve been through, even once you’ve come out through the other side of the tunnel.

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You will go through struggles, but don’t be worried about doing so before they’ve even happened, just remember that you’ll be able to get through them if the time should come.


16. Fear of Failure

One of the biggest fears you’ll have in your life, however it’s also the one you should be worrying about at least.

Here’s what should happen when you fail:

  • You get upset and angry because you didn’t succeed
  • You’ll start trying to find out where you went wrong
  • You’ll try again and make the improvements you noticed
  • You’ll repeat until you succeed

Doesn’t really sound like anything you should be worrying about now does it?

17. Being Rejected

Remember what I said before about everyone being different?

This point applies specifically to people afraid of being rejected by those that they think are attractive and want to talk to, date, whatever.

If you let your fear of being rejected take full control over you, do you know what that leaves you with?


You’re scared about talking to attractive people, so you never do, hence you never get anywhere.

Here’s what you get if you remove that fear of rejection: Some who say ‘Yes’, and some who say ‘No’. Like I said, everybody’s different, and they can’t always be interested.

Taking the first step just means you’ll be able to find the ones who are.


18. Being Scared to Get Out of My Comfort Zone

Last but not least on this list of pointless worries, is getting out of my comfort zone.

When I was traveling last year, I really pushed my limits. From having no idea where I was going, to not speaking the language, to meeting new people, to almost being homeless for the night.

Safe to say I was well out of my comfort zone!

However… it, feels, great! I love it. All the best moments I’ve had have come from being outside my comfort zone, so what does that tell you?

If you’re still living inside your comfort zone, and you’re worried about what will happen if you step outside, just go for it! You can thank me later…



Just a quick recap, here’s the 18 pointless worries again:

  1. Whether I’m “supposed” to be doing what I’m doing or not
  2. People who hate without reason
  3. Being normal
  4. Being accepted by everyone
  5. Whether I’m “good enough”
  6. The past
  7. Being stood up
  8. Following the path of the majority
  9. How I look or sound on camera
  10. Making mistakes
  11. Having it all together all the time
  12. Having money for materialistic s**t I want but don’t need
  13. Being hated for being transparent
  14. Embarrassing myself
  15. Collecting scars
  16. Fear of failure
  17. Being rejected
  18. Being scared to get out of my comfort zone

Do you agree that we should all stop worrying about these things?


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