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Young Boy With ‘Alien’ Body Sets Social Media Abuzz With Massive Shoulders And Tiny Waist

Bonheur Ntwariyouth
A teenager with an ‘alien’ body denies using photoshop to edit his bulging shoulders and tiny waist.
In just three years the once slender Bonheur Ntwariyouth developed the body he had always dreamed of – with his shoulders now measuring double his 26 inch waist.
The 19-year-old from Brisbane, Australia, has posted hundreds of photos of his “alien” physique on Instagram to adoring fans.
The young boy used to be very slender
But some people are sceptical of his incredible abs and have accused him of doctoring the startling photographs.
But the fitness fanatic finds the attention flattering – even the criticism.
He explained: “I have been accused of photoshopping in the past but I just take it as compliment.
“It only means my physique is too good to be true.”
Bonheur was self-conscious about his skinny frame before he bought himself a gym membership on his 16th birthday and made fitness the focus of his life.
In just three years, the youngster has built himself into a powerhouse, maintaining his formidable frame through eating four carefully controlled meals a day and training six days a week.
And he’s campaigned for an “alien age athleticism” movement to celebrate the unusual v-tapered formation – whose members he says are “ready to take over the fitness industry and spread positivity”.
The teenager is used to getting strange looks – but loves his alien figure.
Bornheur, who weighs in at 88kg and is 6ft 2 inches tall, is determined to succeed in the world of bodybuilding and works as an online personal trainer while studying.
He added: “Most people get really surprised looking at my physique because it is something different and something never seen before.
“It’s safe to say I may have the most exaggerated v taper in the industry right, most love it some hate it but that’s what Alien Age is about, being different and standing out.”
Source: The Sun UK

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