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Writing for the Mass Media! Outdoor Quiz

Provide the interview you conducted with news sources as you were instructed in class.

Don’t forget to write your name, registration number and quiz number.

Remember the Sunday deadline for the interview with Hostel/Lodge mayors/presidents, and the Monday deadline for the interview with staff of the university.

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About Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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  1. okoye chidimma Ann

    Reg no:2016304006
    Quiz no:1
    Name: Okoye chidimma Ann
    Question:Go to ikemba Lodge and interview the lodge president.
    President’s name: Mr Okeke Arinze.
    INTERVIEWER: Good evening,
    INTERVIEWEE: Good evening.

    INTERVIEWER: please could you tell us more about yourself?
    INTERVIEWEE: my name is Okeke Arinze,am a 300level sociology student of Anambra state university igbariam.

    INTERVIEWER:As we arrived we noticed that this is ikemba Lodge,so we would like to know when was this Lodge built? since when have you been the president and when did you pack into this Lodge?
    INTERVIEWEE: well as it stands am actually the second person that packed into this Lodge in 2015 and the lodge was also built in 2015 and I became the lodge president earlier this year but normally the first person to become an occupant of a lodge is automatically the president even though he wasn’t the president earlier the reason best known to them,actually one thing about me is that leadership is not something you force yourself into but I believe it comes to you instead.

    INTERVIEWER: since you became the lodge president could you tell me what are the challenges you face and how is the relationship between you and your fellow lodge mates?
    INTERVIEWEE: They have been so many challenges because it’s not easy to be a leader,so as a leader you will have challenges because of different ethnic nationalities because as we are all gathered here in this Lodge,we all came from various homes and we all received different trainings so it has actually been a kind of challenge for me to bring people from different ethnic nationalities together so we are having problems especially in the monetary aspect like when you ask people to pay money for certain things some would refuse while some would murmur and others would start asking questions like the last money what did you use it for and all that.

    INTERVIEWER: Okay in your own level of leadership,what do you think that are the basic necessary things that you need or how you could handle the situation and where you need help to come in?
    INTERVIEWEE: Me,personally I have actually so much depend on God for wisdom because without wisdom you cannot lead,so actually I have been able to be dealing with such situations for a very long time because of the wisdom of God upon my life and I so much rely on God and through the help of God I have been able to put those things under control.

    INTERVIEWER: Thank you
    INTERVIEWEE: You are welcome.

  2. okoye chidimma Ann

    Name: Okoye chidimma Ann
    Reg no:2016304006
    Quiz no:1
    Ikemba’s lodge president Mr.Arinze Okeke said that he depends on God for wisdom.
    In a chat, with our correspondent,mr Okeke,on Saturday 21 April 2018,in his lodge,introduced himself as Okeke arinze,a 300level sociology student of Anambra state university igbariam.
    He said that ikemba lodge was built in the year 2015 and he is the second occupant of the lodge since that year.
    Mr Okeke said that in other lodges the first occupant automatically becomes the lodge president but here he is now the present president of the lodge although he wasn’t the president at first for reasons best known to them.
    He said that he believes that leadership is not something one forces himself to be but it comes to that person,using himself as an example saying that since the lodge was built he was just like every other person till earlier this year 2018 when he became the lodge president.
    In his words:”it’s not easy to be a leader due to the various challenges involved because of different ethnic nationalities,people from various homes with different trainings and understanding.that one of the major challenges he faces is in terms of the monetary aspect.”
    According to the president,he said that in his level of leadership,that he just so much depends on God for wisdom because without wisdom you cannot lead and he have been able to deal with those situations because of the wisdom of God upon his life and he would continue to rely in God.

  3. Nwajiaku Maureen

    Straight News report
    The story
    Interview with the lodge President of Titanic Lodge Otoko.
    Name: Nwajiaku Maureen ijeoma,
    Reg no-2016304005
    Interviewee- The same to you?
    Interview- How was your day today?
    Interviewee- It was good urs?
    Interview- please may we know you?
    Interviewee-Sure,Verah Ojite,Law student,400l.
    Interview-Is this your first lodge since your year one?
    Intervieee-No, have been living at the hostel since, just packed in with no good reasons just felt like to change location.
    Interview- Do you have any challenges like at problem?
    Interviewee-Yes, its not been easy controlling your fellow student,some ought to be disrespecting sometimes,like when you want to pump water,if you ask them to pay, some will be giving excuses,like I don’t have money,I will pay tomorrow, I will not pay so all this thing complain,since their fellow student I will not do any harm to them all I will do is to use my own money and do it.
    Interview- What advice do you have to give to your fellow student?
    Interviewee- Everyone must obey the rules guiding the lodge because nobody knows tomorrow..
    Interview-Thank you very much
    Interviewee- You are welcome
    Interview-Have a nice day

  4. martinezeiru Mmesoma mirian

    Name: Martin Ezeiru Mmesoma Miriam
    Reg: 2016304013
    Quiz no: 4
    Question: go to CBN hostel and interview the mayor
    Interviewer:Good afternoon
    Interviewer:Your name please
    Interviewee:Anonyelum oluchi
    Interviewer:what level
    Intsrviewee: 300level
    Interviewer: How many years have you been a mayor in this hostel
    Interviewee: Three years
    Interviewer: What challanges are you facing as a mayor
    Interviewee: Some of the challenges are receiving insult from student, insufficient water supply, reptile invention
    Interviewer: what do you want school to do for you
    Interviewee: We want the school to come to our aid, though we have speak with the school management but nothing seems to change
    Interviewer: Thanks for your cooperation
    Interviewee: You are welcome..

  5. Anowi Onyinyechi Jane

    Name:Anowi Onyinyechi Jane
    Reg no:2016304004
    Quiz no:8
    Question:Go to Exclusive lodge and interview their president.
    Interviewer:Pls may we know you?
    Interviewee: My name is Nwosu Amaka,I’m in English Education,a final year student.
    Interviewer:How long have you been in this lodge?
    Interviewee:About three years now.
    Interviewer:How have you been coping?
    Interviewee:We are managing,we are trying our best.
    Interviewer:What challenges do you face in the lodge?
    Interviewee:We face so many challenges,No understanding by the students if we want to pump water,Lack of water,Lack of electricity.Some students are very tough to handle but by the special grace of God,we are coping
    Interviewer:Okay,what else can you tell us about the lodge?
    Interviewee:The lodge and the room is nice,but the prize is too much.
    Interviewer:Like how much is it?
    Interviewer:What do you want school to do for you?
    Interviewee:We wany school to build more hostels so that the lodge fee can be reduced.The school can just call landlords so they can have meetings.
    Interviewer:Ok,Thank you very much.
    Interviewee:You are welcome.

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