Sunday , October 1 2023

Wow! Anti-Rape Campaign Photoshoot Group To Receive Award Of Excellence In Creative Photojournalism

Moses, Chinaza, David

This is really an honour well deserved!

For their exceptional creativity and no-child’s-play expression of photo-based message, three students of Mass Communication department, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University who presented a controversial anti-rape photoshoot message have been recognized by massmediang and partners for special awards.

Recall that David Omeniho, Moses Sunday and Chinaza Nwankwo presented a photoshoot project on anti-rape campaign entitled “That She Is Vulnerable Does Not Mean She Is Rape-able.” This project which was uploaded by immediately generated a lot of controversy especially on Facebook as opinions of people varied on whether it was in bad taste or not. While some said it should be pulled down immediately, some others said it was creativity at its peak. Some said if it was not a bit controversial it would not have generated traffic and huge attention is the goal of every serious message.

Massmediang team figured that since so many people viewed the post because of its controversial nature it automatically means that so many saw the anti-rape message which was the target of the campaign.

Meanwhile the post generated comments from across Nigeria, Africa and beyond, meaning that the three students did very well in using an exceptionally creative concept to attract attention to anti-rape campaign.

David, Moses, and Chinaza became instant celebrities online and offline as many people who saw the message wondered how they were able to come up with the concept and express it seriously.

How did the three creative communicators embark on this project? These three instant stars were part of an earlier class work which involved short film production. They did exceptionally well in their various groups and were qualified for awards during the Short Film Festival Award ceremony but their names were removed by the lecturer in-charge because they did not meet all the criteria to be qualified to receive the award. They were among 11 students in this category. David, Moses and Chinaza were outstanding in the short film production. While David and Chinaza featured in one of the best films “Lyrics of the Dead”, Moses played a major role in another very good movie “Amazon Princess and The Charming Prince.”

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The 11 students were singled out and given another opportunity. Again David, Moses and Chinaza showed class.They showed they were truly creative and something inside them needed to be recognized and honoured.

There creativity and hard work paid off as massmediang and partners have selected them for award excellence in creativity photojournalism. The date of the award ceremony will be announced soon.

Keep it up guys! Just continue to inspire others.


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