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Worrisome! Over 10,000 UTME Candidates Caught in Anambra for Malpractice

UTME Candidates (Pix credit: Punchng)

The Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB) has said that more than 10,000 candidates were caught for examination malpractices in the on-going Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in Anambra State alone.  These candidates have been handed over to appropriate authority, says JAMB.

The Coordinator of the board in Anambra, Mrs Lynda Nwachukwu, who disclosed this on Saturday, said that the all computer-based testing mode 2017 UTME, which started on May 13 in 642 centres nationwide, ended on May 20.

Though Mrs. Nwachukwu said that the examination was successful,  Punchng reported that a correspondent, who monitored the last batch of the examination, said that some parents complained of system failure in some CBT centres in the state.

Mrs Eucharia Okonkwo, a parent, said her daughter, who wrote the examination at the St Mary’s High School Ifite-Dunu centre, could not complete the examination due to the faulty computer and network failure at the centre, reports Punchng. She called on JAMB to ensure that proper plans were put in place in subsequent examinations in order to avoid the technical hitches that could give the candidates psychological trauma.

This is serious. If about 10,000 candidates were caught for malpractice in only one state, what of the total for the entire country? What could be the problem? Already people are complaining of the faulty computer-based process, including breakdown of computer and other hitches. What could be leading to this high rate of malpractice? It seems JAMB has not yet got it right and that is what is giving room for the rising malpractice level.

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  1. Nwoye Chinaza Faustina

    Seriously,JAMB should do something about their faulty computers in various centers and candidates should read their books to avoid exam malpractice. Na my own I talk.

  2. udorji ozioma yvonne

    na wa oo this is very ridiculous all these things are caused by the government so they so do something.(s4)

  3. udechukwu chiamaka

    what is happening to this country..student no longer read again God have mercy on us.(X9)

  4. Emechebe chiamaka precious

    this is serious o,have never heard of such despite the fact it CBT.please some thing needs to be done by ministry of education.159
    group 15a

  5. faculty computer has been one major problem since jamb started using Cbt..
    quiz no158
    group 15

  6. government should endeavour to do something about the exam malpractices and faulty computers

  7. Ndife uchechukwu lilian

    malpractice for CBT exam. hhmmmm they should do something about it S11

  8. Irechukwu Ifeoma P.

    this is serious. how can there be malpractice in CBT especially in Anambra state. nawah ooo S3

  9. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    Government should know what to do about exam malpractice..
    GROUP 15A

  10. most times this examination malpractice is seriously due panick and fear of spending another one whole year at home.
    Jamb needs to conduct proper orientation in thus student and try to change there mentality and perception of jamb being a (pass or die affair).

  11. Nwachukwu Nkiruka

    what an shameful act, is that students no longer read and prepare he or her self for exam, please government do something about this exam malpractice (X 10)

  12. Alex divine Chidinma S6

    Hnmmm, This is bad.
    Anyways its end time and anything is possible this days. God help us

  13. ukaegbu nkeonyere ifunanya

    this is serious jamb should try and no what to do to stop this issue of computer some they said are fault some no network how can you deprive someone of his or her right how can someone after payment and registration the computer will now became faulty and that’s all before you no it the exam is over what do you expect such candidate to do. jamb please come to our aid we are tired of writing utme. secondly the issue of exam malpractice the jamb chairman should no what they will do to that because it’s going out of hand CBT was introduced in such a way that it will be used to eliminate the issue of malpractice but now it has being a way of encouraging it .

    quiz no 62
    regular no 2015304008
    group 12

  14. How will a faulty computer makes one to indulge in malpractice,when your computer is faulty the solution is to call the attention of the exam supervisor to your aid and the issue of malpratice the student did this year was because of ignorance ,they have nurse the issue of malpractice in their heart before now because they were given enough time to study their books. I kwon that jamb needs to work on their various centres and also student should play their part effectively.

  15. chisom Janefrances

    this is a shameful act. a whole Anabram involved in exam malpractice. Government should know how to handle this exam malpractice because is getting out of hand.

  16. obidigbo Ifeoma Christabel

    exam malpractice is something that needs serious attention and solution, because for a secondary school student to get involved in
    exam malpractice that means they will do more when they finial get to the university.

  17. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    If this students can practice malpractice during their exams now, in their higher level what are they going to do…Very unfortunate Government should really provide sufficient and reliable computers to ensure good results from the students.

  18. chisom Janefrances

    If this students can practice malpractice during their exams now, in their higher level what are they going to do…Very unfortunate Government should really provide sufficient and reliable computers to ensure good results from the students.


    Hmmm this is serious ooo, Government should do something about this ooo, this computer has been one major problem since Jamb started using CBT.
    Group 15
    Quiz no 16

  20. This is not fresh news neither is it any pleasant to the ears.For exam malpractice to take place in CBT tests is a clear cut indication that the roots are faulty. Those that are supposed to prevent this are compromising.The top dogs should be screened first then the students will be discouraged and will have no choice but to work hard.

  21. Faulty computer.they need to fix this

  22. For faulty computers at times its not really JAMB’s fault,its due to lack of networks in some centres and poor facilities,and that of exams malpractice its really discouraging,how will others who are preparing for jamb feel wen the hear that jamb is all about malpractice

  23. Agina Gloria Ebele

    Government should provide sound computers for utme exams.anyone that is caught in exam malpractice should face the penalty.

  24. malpractice is not what i will support,a lot of students will crack their brains to read while others will hope on malpractice

  25. when i sat for my jamb i read for it,why will others depend on malpractice when the know it’s wrong

  26. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    Computer has actually been a problem during exams some of the problems are tripping of systems… it can really make a candidate fail exams


    from d history of JAMB CBT, problem from computers and laptops, power outage e.t.c

    If10,000 candidates were caught for malpractice in
    only one state, what of the total for the
    entire country?

  28. nwufo vivian Chidimma

    why will a reasonable student who knows that exams are to test knowledge and abilities engage in exam malpractices? it very bad, and should be stopped pls.

  29. Computer being faulty or shutting down, is one of the major problem happening during writing of JAMB something should be done about it because it’s getting obvious every year
    Quiz number:18
    Group number:15 A

  30. most reasons why students fail jamb is because at times the computers being used trips off at times,so the jamb should do something based on that. and this can give an entire country a bad name when the students are caught in the act of malpractice.

  31. if at this stage people cheat while writing jamb i wonder which other exam they will write not to cheat. exam-malpractice shold be stopped for our country to grow.

  32. What!!! The board of education should do something this is extremely disappointing

  33. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    Anambra State! like they said ‘home for all’ . But stakeholders, students and parents has included ‘home for all, including malpractices. May God help us

  34. Benjamin David (S5)

    this is an act of crime…this is shameful..I won’t say much because we are not righteous… but they should change..S5

  35. Abeg ooo…the Government should endeavour to look into this matter because it has caused many candidates so much pain ad sadness due to the break down of the computers before the given time elapses
    group 14

  36. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    This is toiling with the future of the utme candidates.Government should either provide new computers or repair the faulty ones for the betterment of their candidates to avoid mass failure

  37. Government should try to fix this breakdown failure of computers
    Every year one story

    Exam malpractice just in a state???
    This is very bad.

  38. wow this is serious, the rate of examination malpractice is much,the government should find a way to put a stop to this or try to minimize it

  39. Omenuko Adaobi promise

    10,000 candidates were found wanting for exam malpractice
    Wow our educational system is something else…

  40. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    why are we all surprise…what do u think when there is also electoral malpractice in choosing our leaders…the problem should b traced from our leaders..A SNAKE MUST GIVE BIRTH TO A LONG CREATURE…

  41. Chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    Despite the fact that the Systems develop fault during the examinations, the students on their own part contribute to their failure in the exam.Why will they engage in exam malpractice? Does it mean that they weren’t well prepared for the exam.Even after the long period of time given to them for their preparation.
    Nevertheless, the Jamb officials should try to correct the faults in their systems and even make sure that their others are functioning properly at least a month before the examination. This tends to reduce the exam failures.

  42. Nwankwo blessing chinaza

    about the computers not functioning properly it was the Sam last year when will government do something about the problem?

  43. sometimes the computer might actually be the problem. and these days students find it hard in reading they radar prefer exam malpractice which is not right group 15

  44. what a new way to cut down the number of students to gain admission this year. Nigeria always has a way.

  45. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    Once again reestablished the call for the removal of jamb, the body lacks competence.

    Group 10, Quiz 86.

  46. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    Government needs to do something about this issue of faulty computers almost every year students complain about faulty computer, they should provide good computers so students won’t have any reason to indulge in exam malpractice.

  47. Who knows, tension would have been the reason for the candidates to indulge in malpractice and it is actually due to the faulty systems which rises tension in the students.Jamb needs to take care of their systems before exams take off and make sure none will develope fault to enable the candidate to be confident enough to write exam

  48. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    Let’s try to study hard if we wish to go to school.. Is not magic. Whatsoever you sow today that is what you will reap. Malpractice will only depreciate your brain it will never add to your knowledge… Let’s try to do extraordinary thing, Let’s break records. It all answers to reading… Reliable computers is seriously needed for exam success so government should do something about that…

  49. Jamb should ensure that computers are serviced and good before candidates make use of it.I think they should make it compulsory for students to attend lessons before writing the exam.

  50. Hmm this is not funny at all,cus the high rate of examination malpractice and this faulty computer every year is becoming too much and government has to do something about it.

  51. Why wont there be mass failure and malpractice when students now use must of their time in doing irrelevant things instead of reading there would also be alot of malpractice when the security officials in most of the jamb centres allows it once they are paid they would allow malpractice to thrive in their prescence then those that did not
    pay would be the ones they would be invegilating.
    group 10

  52. Something should be done to curb exam malpractice especially in Anambra,the rate at which students engage in it is quite alarming
    quiz no:94,group no:6

  53. Na wa ooo. I state alone 10,000. How pathetic.If the issue of computers is always the case, maybe the government should find another way in making jamb exams successful, because not everybody would be lucky enough to get good computers. And as for those involved in exam malpractice, i heard 100 marks were deducted from their score to teach them a lesson.

  54. Well….ts not the first time we are hearing about malpractice in dis country..its not just students alone…in students level is malpractice while in government level is corruption… so how will all dis b eradicated wen students (future leaders) are gradually engaging in it….pls students be serious with your studies and stop engaging your selves in malpractice..also government do something about the invigilators who assist students in malpractism bcox students can’t just get into it without support from some of the invigilators……(40)

  55. Erokwu crystal chinelo

    It’s appaling that students no longer study their books but now depend on malpractice. Please proper punishment should be vented on the culprits to set an example to others.
    Group number :15
    Quiz number :20

  56. the government should do something about the poor state of facilities we have for example computers for the students writing should be carried out so that it won’t embarras them on the day of their exams & also free parents from getting worried on their children exams

  57. Woah, 10,000 candidates? I wonder what their fate will be

  58. Woah, 10,000 candidates? I wonder what their fate will be…

  59. the fault isn’t from jamb alone but from the students who lack the zeal to study
    But jamb should still work on their computers

  60. well i see no reason why we should be surprised about this act. Some of our leaders engage in malpractices(electoral)Jamb as well should please ensure that their systems are functioning well before the day set for the exams.

  61. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    The government should something about this exam malpratice by fixing there computers and supply enough computers for the students.

  62. Students should be serious with their education. Children should be encouraged by their parents. The jamb officials should punish offenders and also ensue that centres have good Computers for jamb candidates

  63. In actual sense,some of computers normally hang during the postume examination,but that should not leads any candidate into exam malpractice, government should put eyes to jamb officials in order to provide good computer during postume examination

  64. Iweorah ezinne Esther

    Jamb should find a way of writing exam without complaints there by delaying students. And student should read their books than involving in exam misconduct. Quiz no 8 group 11.

  65. Nneka precious udekwe S1

    Must this happen every year jambite crying after writing exam with computer minister of education should pls do something abt it

  66. Umeh blessing Chinelo

    Something should be about this malpractice issue (s2)

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