Woman Who Constantly Uses Smartphone At Max Brightness Ends Up With 500 Tiny Holes In Cornea (Video)

Mobile phone technology has made things a lot easier in the society but when you disregard advice to use it cautiously you end up regretting it.

A 25-year-old woman from Taiwan surnamed Chen, who constantly used her smartphone at maximum screen brightness for two years ended up doing some serious damage to her eyes, including burning 500 small holes into her cornea.

The woman works as a secretary, a job that required her to frequently check her phone and respond to work-related messages as soon as possible.
She discovered it was much easier to read messages even in bright sunlight, but eventually, it was never turned back, even when watching videos with the light off.

After a while, she would often wake up with bloodshot eyes and had blurred vision throughout the day until things got so bad that she finally consulted an ophthalmologist.

Prof. Hong told Apple Daily that the young woman’s smartphone screen had a brightness of around 625 lumens, considerably more than the recommended 300 lumens, adding that staring at such bright light for hours on end, especially in a dark room, can result in corneal burns, which affect vision over time. He recommends either using the phone’s automatic brightness setting, which adjusts brightness according to environmental light, or manually setting it to around 250 lumens.

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