Thursday , September 29 2022

Woman opens up to her “big bro” that she was raped and impregnated by his friend. His reaction will shock you (screenshots)

A the rape scandal involving COZA pastor rages on, Biodun Fatoyinbo, a woman found the courage to open up to her older brother that she was raped by a friend he brought home but her brother’s reaction to it was totally unexpected.

The lady reminded her “big bro” how the friend he brought home forcefully had sex with her in 2012. She said when she told him shortly after the rape, he didn’t fight for her. Instead he invited the friend to the house again. When he drove her to school, her rapist was in the car with them.

Eventually, she discovered she was pregnant from the rape and had to abort it.

As she laid her mind bare the her brother in a text, expecting him to do right by her after so many years, she got her heart shattered again as the same big bro slammed her for getting raped. He called her a “shameless idiot” and a “fool”.

The woman shared the screenshots and said this is the reason why women refuse to speak out.

See screenshots below.

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  1. What kind of brother is this

    Its not fair

  2. Things are really happening in this world…if your depressed try talking to someone please

  3. That’s why we women find it so hard to speak
    Coz when we do speak, its regarded as nothing

  4. So sad

    What kind of heartless bro is he

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