Wednesday , November 29 2023

Woman Jailed For Cutting Off Ex-Husband’s Manhood With Kitchen Knife

Lira Plaksina chopped off her ex-husband’s p*nis with a kitchen knife
According to Daily Mail UK, a woman chopped off her ex-husband’s manhood with a kitchen knife after he turned up at her home in Russia and ‘demanded s*x’, a court heard.
Lira Plaksina, 47, from Vasilyevo village in the Tatarstan region claimed she hacked off his manhood after he appeared at her home drunk.
She told a court in the oil-region area that the 44-year-old attacked her having demanded s*x and that she then acted in self defence.
But the judge decided she had severed the man’s manhood and scrotum as he was lying asleep on the sofa at her village house.
The former husband also suffered an injury to the right hip in the incident in October last year.
The house where the attack took place
As she was led out of court wearing a black dress, Plaksina – handcuffed to a policeman – waved and blew a kiss. She was jailed for four years.
She showed no regret and said: ‘Everything is normal – (I got) four years.’
Her ex-husband is now living with another woman, say his relatives.
Neighbours said the couple had frequent ‘fights’ and there were ‘tensions in their relationship’ leading to their split.
(Daily Mail)

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  1. okoye chidimma Ann

    Anger always makes people take split seconds decisions without thinking about the consequences,maybe after the jail term she will feel remorse for what she has done.

  2. The man deserves what he got

    Church movie group

  3. Lazarus kelvin chidiebube

    They should kill her
    Team Rosa park

  4. Nwangene Blessing George

    (Team Bouke)
    It’s good to control your anger.

  5. Aah she should hv taken another measure not cutting his manhood
    Team Bouake

  6. Chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    People should learn how to control their temper.
    Team name:wawrinka

  7. Anagboso Chimdimma joy

    fear women ooh..u cannot even predict them,don’t let your anger and jealousy control you
    team w

  8. Self defense? seriously?
    she went too far o
    Team :Amazon Princess

  9. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    Good for him. This is how f*cked up men should be treated

    Team Wawrinka

  10. Nawa oooo

    People and their stupidity

    Team Dum Dum

  11. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    This is wickedness
    Team Amazon princess

  12. Igbokwe Chioma Helen

    I don’t know why would always reach to this extend


  13. Ezeifeka Emmanuella

    Anger is really a bad thing. Makes you act on impulse.

    Team Pastor’s grief

  14. Nwankwo Chinaza Blessing

    z d mans fault

  15. Nwakile Maureen Uzoma

    She is a callous and a wicked woman. Heartless. Team Wawarinka.

  16. Anger! Who will hear her story now??this is really bad

    Team:pastors grief

  17. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    Team wawarinka
    She went too far.. She should be punished accordingly

  18. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    if people can always control their anger..

    Team: Wawrinka

  19. Nwankwo chinaza blessing

    Women no geh fear again.
    Team name:wawrinka.

  20. This is an abomination….
    the woman should be punished severely.

    Team Wriwinka.

  21. hmmmm….what type of anger biko dey should cut off her own too

    pastor’s grief

  22. hehehehe


  23. well, it is self defense but she went too far
    Team wawarinka

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