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Woman Claims Using Semen As Face Cream Is Secret To Glowing Skin (Video, Photos)

Kelly Zolanski beauty blogger

This is supposed to be a professional advice coming from a beauty blogger but many people probably would find what she is saying here a bit weird.

A woman has claimed that she has found a cheap all natural alternative to conventional face creams, by slathering her face in semen.

Kelly Zolanski was first tempted to try using the bodily fluid after she saw a video online which claimed it contained all kinds of ‘nutrients and protein’ that are good for the skin.

To get her hands on some of the… erm… product, Kelly, who is single, texted her male pal asking if he would help out, which he agreed to before depositing some in a tub in her bathroom.

To use, Kelly mixes the semen with some moisturiser, because it goes ‘flaky’ as it dries.

The 26-year-old said: “It’s a cheap, homemade alternative to expensive brands.

“I keep it in a jar in the fridge. I live alone so no one will need to see it when they’re making breakfast.

“I came across a video on TikTok of this girl explaining how much nutrients and protein [semen] has in it and that some people use it for facials.

“I’m single at the moment and called one of my friends. I called him on Facetime and asked if he could give me some of his semen.

“He was like ‘what are you doing with it?’ I told him what I was going to do and he said I was crazy.

Kelly Zolanski beauty blogger

“He laughed when I asked for it and when he gave it to me he said I was crazy and laughed again.

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“He came over and used my bathroom I gave him a jar to put it in.

“I put it on my face, let it dry then washed it off. I mixed it with moisturiser because it had a weird smell. He’s not the healthiest person.”

Kelly, from New York, shared a video about her unusual beauty regime on TikTok where it’s picked up more than three million views and ended up being seen by her brother and her mum.

Kelly said: “Everybody knows I’m kind of a crazy person so me asking for that isn’t really a surprise.

Kelly Zolanski beauty blogger

“When I posted it on TikTok, I posted it late at night. The next day my brother sent me a screenshot of my face and said ‘somebody just sent this to the group chat I’m in for work’.

“His friends don’t know me and in the group chat he said ‘that’s my sister’.

“I sent it to my mum and she was dying laughing.

“I called my friend and said ‘listen, I might need some more’. There wasn’t that much but when I mixed it with the stuff, there was enough for two days.”

Now Kelly cautiously recommends the product – but fears it could cause a ‘bad reaction’ for some.

Kelly said: “I’m not encouraging it in case people are allergic to it. Some people might have a breakdown or bad reaction.

“I normally use more luxury brand stuff.

“If you’re single, it could be hard to keep up the supply.”


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