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Woman calmly talks on phone as train passes over her, watch hair raising video

Some viewers described this as an act of bravery while some others think the woman should be arrested for taking this risk.

A shocking video has surfaced online showing a woman calmly talking on her phone immediately after a train has passed over her.

The video was shared on Twitter by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra on 12th April and has over 1 lakh views in the last three days.

“Gossiping on the phone is more important,” Kabra said in his Twitter post accompanying the video.

The terrifying clip starts with a goods train crossing a railway station. Immidiately after the train passes the camera frame, a woman is seen lying on the train track with her head covered with scarf.

Shortly after the train passes, the woman gets up and takes a call on her cellphone while still sitting on the railway track.

She then nonchalantly gets away the train track and onto the station as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. The woman was seen walking away and talking to the man who recorded the video.

The horrifying video has stunned Twitter users.

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“Lucky there are no hanging parts on this goods train, otherwise only pieces can be seen not whole,” a user commented. “Give her a gallantry award, in the form of a tight slap,” added another.

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Some users even tagged Prime Minister’s Office calling for her arrest.

The Central Railway uploaded the video on its official Twitter account and urged people not to board or deboard a moving train.


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