Wednesday , November 29 2023

Woman accidentally posts her nude photo on eBay while listing her air-fryer for sale

A seller suffered an embarassing moment on eBay, an online auction site allowing users to buy and sell items, as she posted her nude photo of the platform while listing her air-fryer for sale.

The woman believed to be in her 20s, listed a Multi-Cooker for auction. She took time to reference the exact model in the title and posted four photos of each part of the utensil.

What actually got people talking and encouraged dozens of buyers to place a bid was the last photo she posted.

Instead of sharing another zoomed-in shot of the kitchen essential, the seller accidentally posted a nude photo of herself which was clearly not intended for the advert.

She was spotted standing in front of her bedroom mirror in nothing but a pair of skimpy black pants. And it wasn’t long before the ad ended up on Twitter.

The photo has since gone viral.




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