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Why Your Neighbor is Your Greatest Sexual Weakness

Just because you love God doesn’t mean you are not capable of infidelity or adultery.

Sexual urge is a dangerous thing, it is a fire that can awaken your flesh and silence your spirit. It can easily cancel all the years of character-building you have been doing. The sexual urge can check in and turn you into a selfish person forgetting about God, your family, and your vision. At that time, you only think about that sexual pleasure. Pastors, leaders, role models, mentors have fallen prey to this sexual urge. Don’t be next.

The greatest trigger for sexual urge is that neighbor within reach, within your view.

Look at King David in the Bible, a man after God’s own heart, one whose writings form part of the Bible, the one many emulate singing “When the Spirit of the Lord is upon my heart, I will dance like David danced”. King David was not only successful in battle, but also successful in leading his people. But despite all that, he fell for a neighbor.

It took him just a glance at his neighbor from the comfort of his roof. It only took his neighbor Bathsheba, innocently having a bath for his sexual urge to be triggered. Once it was triggered, he lusted after her, he imagined her, he schemed to get her, he absconded his duty in battle as King during the war, he used his power as King to get her in his courts and have sex with her, he plotted to cover it up, he killed an innocent man of integrity, Uriah, the husband of Bathsheba, just to protect himself and his lust.

  • The greatest trigger for sexual urge is that neighbor within reach, within your view
  • ¬†Always rely on the Holy Spirit, don’t feed your flesh through your eyes and imaginations

What about you? Who is your neighbor? Who is that neighbor you are lusting after? Who is your trigger? Who is the neighbor that perhaps you are already having sex on the down low with? Is it your house help? Is it your spouse’s friend? Is it your married pastor? Is it your “prayer partner”? Is it your shopkeeper? Your uber taxi driver? Your next door neighbor who is married? Your fellow choir member yet you two are not a couple? Your married work colleague who you interact with from 8 to 5 but you see your spouse only for dinner then sleep? Your married gym mate who you check out wearing tights dripping with sweat?

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Who is that neighbor you are checking out as she bends, as she walks, as he wears that fitting suit and you imagine how big his penis is, as he works and you lust after? Who is that neighbor that is making you lie, abscond your responsibilities, scheme and destroy other people on your path to pleasure?

Are you coming home when your wife is not around so that you use your power as an employer to have sex with your spouse? Are you lying to your husband you are working late just so that you have sex with your work mate?

Your neighbor is within reach. Sometimes, just like Bathsheba, your neighbor can be innocently going about his/her business but all you see is sex. Or, your neighbor can directly sexually pursue. Whatever the case, just because an opportunity to cheat and get an orgasm presents itself doesn’t mean you take it. Options to be unfaithful will always be there wherever you go.

It is up to you to look the other way. Don’t stare and drool over a Bathsheba. Unlike David, don’t entertain the thought, don’t be comfortable in your past victories and standing. No matter how principled you have been so far, how great a partner you have been to the one you love, don’t get confident in yourself. Always rely on the Holy Spirit, don’t feed your flesh through your eyes and imaginations.

Fix your eyes on the one you love and are committed to. Be faithful. From

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