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Why Returning to School with Shovel and Digger May be Lucrative

A number of students of Chukwuemeka Emeka Odumegwu University (COOU) live off campus. Most people rush to Luxury apartments in Otoko, Umudioka and junction while some others chill out in Achalla, Ukwulu and some other quiet areas.

With the latest information from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFFC) and other government agencies that looters of public funds buried the money in graves, open field, farmland and even septic tanks, it seems it may now be more lucrative to live in Achalla and Village one where you see acres of farmland and graves in the open. Having a shovel and serious digger in your room could now be the wisest thing to do.

Some students are now advising their friends to buy shovels and diggers while returning from Easter break because you may not know the fortune that is buried behind your apartment or in the farm near your lodge.

Even those beautiful lodges in Otoko, Umudioka and junction could be gold mine especially rooms on the ground floor (after all you may not know who your Land lord’s friend is or what currency was buried under your room).

Relying on  whistle blower’s tip-off, the EFFC recovered N250,558,670 (Two Hundred and Fifty Million, Five Hundred and Fifty Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and seventy Naira) as it was being changed into hard currency by a Bureau de Change operator in Balogun Market, Lagos on the 10th of April. The most recent and trending is the N13 billion of naira recovered in an apartment in Ikoyi Lagos by the EFCC on Wednesday, April 15.

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So don’t doubt this story. Just know that not everybody you see moving around with shovel, digger, hoe and cutlass is an agricultural farmer. He or she could be a gold digger or better put, looted fund farmer.


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  1. chikaogwu Chioma

    lol… let me get my shovel and digger ready

  2. ikegbunam peter c

    it is happening life now in Akanaotor Omor. Soldier masquerade now on stage. the life performance video will get to u in few munutes

  3. Ukaegbu callistus

    This is very serious oo, which means one might be a millionaire unknown to himself by leaving with millions of money….. Anyway I am already in my village where diggers and shovels will not cost much…. Sorry to all the farmlands that are close to my one room

  4. Hilarious Hahahaha… I can imagine students going to school with shovel and digger… But seriously Nigerians can really be greedy.

  5. Hahaha…na it be say I don hammer be that. I get shovel before before. Na digger I go go find make I enter market of gold digging. Thanks for d information!

  6. Hilarious! This information may be all I need to delve out of poverty. Thank you, THANK YOU AGAIN.

  7. Agina gloria ebele

    this is the shortest way of becoming wealthy and someone might be living where there is millions of naira without knowing. corruption is now everyday routine in Nigeria because both leaders and followers are corrupt.(07)

  8. This an act of selfishness Nd greedy. How can someone bury such huge amount of money in the ground while the country is in hardship. The poor are getting poorer while the rich are getting richer. Corruption is now everyday routine in our country. (81)

  9. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    This an act of selfishness Nd greedy. How can someone bury such huge amount of money in the ground while the country is in hardship. The poor are getting poorer while the rich are getting richer. Corruption is now everyday routine in our country. (81)

  10. Ekweozor Ifeoma Laura

    EFCC should continue investigation to find out the secret places where public fund looters hide money. On the other hand,students should report to the police if any is found
    Quiz No: 92
    Group: 9

  11. am coming back with my own shovel and digger to no if I can get my own share of money ,because am seriously in need of money for my text books because de rate of textbook is too high nowdays (16) group 12

  12. This idea of coming back with hoes and diggers is good,it can really help to wipe away poverty(93)

  13. Dike Nzube Echezona

    Dike Nzube Echezona.
    Quiz no.36

    I must confess, despite the amusing approach made use in writing this article, it stands as a very invaluable advice to us students both on camp and off campus, after all, there is no harm in trying. With the rate and ways by which our political leaders and their cohorts steal, launder and embezzle public funds, and more recently, hide them in places that are absurd, any monies found hidden in complicated places like farmlands, graves and other strange areas should be confiscated by the founders and used for both personal and community development. I will certainly buy my own shovel and digger this weekend to start my own ‘money rescue operations’. Thank you sir for this very nice piece, more ink to your pen.

  14. This idea of coming back with hoes and diggers is good, it can really help to wipe away poverty (93)

  15. Wow, i can’t believe this, this update will definitely turn students into farmers, I’ll be going to otoko with shovel, maybe luck will shine on me (quiz no:89, group6).

  16. It’s a good bye to poverty
    will start digging mine tomorrow morning
    I don’t have to go back to my house or market to buy shovel nor digger,,because I have it here in my room
    Quiz no ( 12)
    Group no (12)

  17. Chidimma ndubisi Lilian

    maybe it will also boost the economic growth of the country (58)

  18. Waoh! That means am a future millionaire ooo! I don’t need to look for a shovel nor digger because I have it in my room. Quiz no:11. Group no:12

  19. There is big farm land in Achala better come and dig is better for u. may God touch the heart of EFFC so that they will share the gift to everyone especially to the poor
    Quiz no (15)
    Group no (12)

  20. Is not advisable for students to return to there school with shovel and digger,because they re there to study nt to become farmers nd land diggers even if is students in agricultural department is d duty of d departmental officers provide d students with that
    Quiz no:86
    group no:9

  21. really funny, please where are much farmlands located let me and my family members go and harvest on them even if we have to sleep in the forest or farm. QuizNo:068. Group no:6

  22. Nwoye Chinaza Faustina

    Wow!! This is awesome, Thank you for informing me . I have many farm lands around my Lodge. Will just go and buy digger tomorrow in the market. But this is just making Bank useless because money is meant to be kept in the Bank not in grave or farm land. But have to buy the digger to become money digger .??

  23. Nwoye Chinaza Faustina

    Wow!! This is awesome, thank you for informing me time. Many farm lands are around my Lodge. Must go to market tomorrow to buy digger but come to think of it, money is meant to be kept in the Bank not in grave or farm land. But that does not prevent me from buying digger tomorrow in other to be a money digger.???

  24. Nwoye Chinaza Faustina

    Quiz no: 10
    Group 12

  25. OKer favour udochi (51)

    Indeed it’s a very funny story but there is more to it.any government workers caught stealing public fund should be sanctioned because it aids corruption and “CORRUPTION SHOULD BE STOPPED “

  26. enujekwute paschal nnaemeka

    student of Anambra state university should prepare to become money farmers 029

  27. Lollz. I will try and get shovel and digger oo. You never can tell I may be the lucky one oo. Because in my Lodge there is an empty land close to it. Nigerians una too much, bank is no longer safe for you people. QUIZ NO 23. GROUP 9 OCHOMGBA CHINENYE MAUREEN

  28. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    it is a shame that our country has been reduced to a mere joke due to the overtly corruption of the ex leaders…. but it suffice that the EFCC has made good the situation by providing tip off to wrestler blowers……I can’t wait to get my tip when lucky…Achalla all the way. (54)group6

  29. To me it is not adviceable for a student to come back with hole and diger because the may keep it carelessly and it will injure somebody or the may used it for fight as a weapon when the are fighting for the money. quiz no (13) group(12)

  30. Wooo so my prayer is answered at last Please which side are the digging the money so i can go and dig out my own and also pack in their because i need money badly now
    quiz no(13)

  31. corruption is an act of losing integrity and purity,some Nigerian leaders embezzle money for their selfish interest instead of helping the poor achieve their goals so we the youths need to carry our hoe and digger to dig up all embezzled money to save our future

  32. corruption is an act of losing integrity and purity,some Nigerian leaders embezzle money for their selfish interest instead of helping the poor achieve their goals so we the youths need to carry our hoe and digger to dig up all embezzled money to save our future. group 9 (80)

  33. pls which side should I start from ,otoko achalla let me start from achalla because i think there is a grave yard there am desperately in need of money and my family too for our up keep.(16) . group no 12.

  34. Ginika Gloria Chioma

    This is the act of greediness. corruption is now a routine in Nigeria. EFCC should continue their investigation to be able to find out more secret places in houses or lodges (047) group 6. 2016054055

  35. prior to federal government’s announcement to pay wrestle blowers, people weren’t much keen to exposing evil, but with the tip, a lot of people are working around the clock to ensure they expose evil in high places… It is a smart move by the government I personally applaud them for that.(45)group 6

  36. The obnoxious trend of burying money in the ground and hiding them at empty houses has risen alarm over months.. The government decision to pay a certain percentage to wrestle blowers, who help recover looted funds have proven to be an Avenue of making money by all and sundry.. It suffices to say that the federal government is devoted to wiping away penury in the country (39)group 6

  37. Egbulem Assumpta

    The system is so corrupt that even the so called
    “whistle browsers” and the government herself may have hand in the money so lucky is he who discovers it.

  38. the shovel and cutlass is for those that say in achalla and village one

  39. This sort of corruption is peculiar to Nigeria and other third world states who present a bad image of themselves but it is only ironical that they are the ones complaining of media imperialism and imbalance in news flow.Be it as it may it now behooves us to revisit The graves of our father’s and anyone across the road because you never can tell who buried what

  40. Agwaraonye uchenna Maureen

    wonders shall never end in this our country. Corruption is on air!!!

  41. Nwankwor oluebube Agatha

    How can a person burial such amount of money in the ground.So digging things on point among the students.


    Amazing!!!! Corruption is now the order of the day. Is Nigeria willing and serious about fighting corruption?
    Well, off I go to get my shovel and digger.

  43. Digging things on point…lol

  44. too much money…. so there is another bank account under ground

  45. Ndife uchechukwu lilian

    wow! let me tell my friend to buy those things( digger and shovel) before coming back. our luck might shine

  46. Okoye Mmesoma Paschaline

    which location is it? let’s scatter the ground

  47. lolzzzxxx
    digging mode activated

  48. Udorji Ozioma Yvonne


  49. Nwachukwu Nkiruka

    Nigeria people don’t joke with money see how everybody is finding solution on how to dig out the money, Lols

  50. Alagbogu chinazom

    Wow! This is very serious oo…..looks like i will go to these places with shovel and dig out my own money….lol

  51. Shovels, hoes, matchets,diggers for sale….Anyone interested should come to Coou zinc hall and collect any of his or her choice but we go match down to Lagos to dig, because I doubt nothing would be seen in achalla except for calabash full of charms and fowls

  52. It is really awesome, l need to dig my own.

  53. already bought mine…hahhahahahah this economy is bad

  54. The most important thing is not going to school with books and pen to learn, but going to school with shovels and hoes to dig out money ,God help us. Quiz num(01).

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