Telemundo is an American Spanish-Language terrestrial television network owned by Comcast through NBC Universal. It is the second largest provider of Spanish-language content nationally behind American Competitor Univision, with programming syndicated world wide to more that 100 countries and in over 35 Languages. An African version of the Latin 24-hour telenovela channel offering a wide range of themes including traditional romance stories, mystery, action and adventure.

The excitement attached to watching Telemundo is on the rise, especially among women who are addicted to watching Telemundo shows. Women watching Telemundo in Nigeria has caused conflicts in their homes as some in the name of watching Telemundo, forget to prepare meals for their families, sometimes burning their food because they are so engrossed in watching Telemundo.

Most of these telenovelas revolve around the same stories of family feud, family secret, love triangles, betrayal; it is basically the same story in different ways. Nigerian women do not care about this as they continue to watch Telemundo. They find it interesting, thus investing their time on Telemundo.

One of the reasons why Nigerian women watch Telemundo is because Telemundo shows are dramatic, exciting and offer an escape. Because of the twists, dramatic shows, Nigerian women see it as away to escape into a different world making their problems disappear for a while. The characters in these telenovelas go through dramatic situations, tragedies that makes the problems of Nigerian  women seem little compared to theirs.




Another reason why Nigerian women love Telemundo is because, women are easily moved by their emotions. They sympathize with characters in these telenovelas, making them constantly watch it. In a situation where a rich boy falls in love with a poor girl, a daughter is maltreated by her unknown mother, these stories easily move them and appeal to their emotions. So they end up becoming engaged to these shows.

Nigerian women love Telemundo because it is entertaining. Most times even when these telenovelas revolve around the same stories, ideas and seem predictable, Telemundo is still successful because it entertains.

Another reason why Nigerian women love Telemundo is because some Nigerian women are already obsessed with it, they follow each episode during the weekdays, watch their recaps at night, and still watch the weekend recaps. Some Nigerian women even skip out on sleep to stay up and watch the show. Skipping out on sleep to stay up and watch the show after a busy day to watch an episode of a telenovela.

Nigerian women watch Telemundo because some get their daily inspiration from Telemundo shows. They try to copy their lifestyle, fake perception of marriages, relationship which are fake because they may not be applicable here in Nigeria, due to our distinct culture and tradition. It is what they wish will happen for them.

Many Nigerian women especially the young ones watch Telemundo because of their ‘handsome’ male stars. You will see a young girl that will tell you that; wow! That guy is so cute and handsome and because of that they continue to watch and look out for every movie he features in just to see him. They set the photo of a Telemundo star as their display picture on various social media platforms and sometimes they even change their face book name to that of a telenovela star.

Another reason why Nigerian women watch Telemundo could be that unlike the Nigerian shows that air on premium cable channels, Latin American soap operas are available on the cheapest cable package making it easy for every one to have access to watch these Telemundo shows especially now that the county’s economy is not as easy as it used to be. People tend to go for the cheapest and easiest.

Also the script writers are good, they know how to get their viewers hooked and the suspense is so real and they satisfy that deep craving among Nigerian women who enjoy dramatic situations. Telemundo shows keep Nigerian women engaged and busy especially for housewives who have free times. It gives them something to look forward to and keep them occupied.

Many Nigerian women watch Telemundo because they find it interesting. Even when some of their storylines are repeated and alike, they don’t care they enjoy the shows on Telemundo. Even if the storyline seems predictable, and they can already tell how it ends and how it will go down, they still enjoy it and invest their time on it.





Another reason why Nigerian women enjoy watching Telemundo is because of the presence of the twists and turns in telenovelas. Despite the shows being predictable, the telenovelas has a way of injecting these twists and turns that will keep you anticipating for more action. Basically, they have good script writers.


Today, Telemundo has become a major factor in the lives of Nigerian women. Many Nigerian women are becoming more glued to their television sets just to watch Telemundo shows.

Written by Teniola Egbuwalo

(Teniola is a committed writer with passion for timeless feature articles. She is an experienced journalists with depth knowledge of how to write for on and off line news platforms.)

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