Why Nigerian students and lecturers should start buying books online (Short Video – Shallow Grave)


There comes a time when the past must pass. And this might require a hot quarrel to happen.  The culture of buying and stacking hard copies of books is no longer the vogue and we must stop this in Nigeria and move ahead with the rest of the world by buying books online and storing them in the cloud. In today’s digital world the culture of buying books online is the vogue. You just can’t be stock in the Stone Age. You MUST develop the culture of buying books online. Store your books in the cloud. It could be google cloud, drop box, IBM cloud, oracle cloud, just choose any cloud service provider and create an e-library for yourself. We must move forward! Buy your books online! Sell your books online! You can do this at universitybooks NG dot com. The culture of selling hard copies of books to students is the past, and it has to pass on. You just have to bury the past, so it doesn’t resurrect.

The Author

Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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