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Why G-111 Called N-Power Impact Series A Scam

The influential 2016 N-Power volunteers group, G-111 for Permanency, has described federal government’s newly introduced N-Power impact series, as a scam.

The group described the one-minute video competition during which beneficiaries are expected to highlight the various positive impacts of the scheme in their lives and how they have in turn impacted their communities, as politically motivated, diversionary and fraudulent.

It wondered why it was taking the federal government and N-Power too long to explain what it meant by N-Power Enhancement, more than one month after they announced the ‘good news’.

In a statement sent to CNR Nigeria by the group’s Publicity Secretary, Bolanle Abiodun, G-111 called on N-Power beneficiaries not to fall for the trick designed primarily to showcase some real and imagined achievements of the the federal government through the scheme as a campaign strategy for next  year’s election.


While reminding volunteers that the government has not shown any sincerity in its plan for the first batch of beneficiaries, the group urged volunteers to shun the one-minute video competition and focus on their demand for permanency or befitting exit package.

“Are we the only ones who noticed that the government has strategically calmed our demand for permanency in civil service, ruled out its earlier proposed exit package and is now feeding beneficiaries with false hope about what it called ‘N-Power Enhanced Programme’?, the group asked.

“It is only a shallow minded person that cannot see through this scam called N-Power impact series. Its purpose is to advertise some real and imagined achievements of the government through the scheme. But even if it is being done in good spirit, why should any sincere and sensible government seek to reward only 37 persons out of over 200,000 persons? Every reason points to the fact that the latest move by N-Power is politically motivated, diversionary and fraudulent. As the only recognized voice of the volunteers, our duty to expose this scam just the same way we have praised good efforts of the scheme.

“How come the N-Power impact video competition only has a commencement date but no ending date? Probably it will on February 6 after the presidential election. Let the government prove us wrong by providing details of its Enhancement Programme and why volunteers should see it as a viable alternative to permanency or exit package”, the statement read in part.

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It restated its commitment to remain apolitical but loyal to the President Mohammadu Buhari government for initiating the most transparent, people oriented social investment programme in the country, adding that it can only be meaningful when beneficiaries are either retained or given money to start their own businesses.

Source: Current News Reporters

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