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Why a Woman’s Sexual History Should Worry You Before Dating Her

  • It is hard to crack women up in a bid to know what they got into during their past relationships
  • Some women date a number of guys for fun and excitement
  • themselves

Women are so secretive in that if you coax them to reveal their last tryst, they will just die with the information. The modern woman is such smart that she can toy around with multiple partners, and only the smartest chaps will meet the truth.

As a smart guy, you should invent clever tricks to monitor a cheating girlfriend.

It’s so putrid and ego-smashing to realize you are in the mix of your girlfriend’s partners. With the economic pressure on them, women have gone an extra mile to come up with ways of sourcing money. Some date a number of guys for fun and to excite themselves.

In fact, I can side with them and proof a point; we humans are predictably irrational. We are not rational at all. We make decisions relative to what we see, feel, hear or in relation to our past experiences. So women compare men they meet, with their immediate guy and once the stranger meets a few standards or high up on their scale of relation, he qualifies as the next Hitman.

Thus as a man, you should always be on toes. If her friends are better polished than you’re, then the odds are against you. She will always compare you with them and if you’re naive, they will reap her best from you. We are creatures of emotions and make judgments in relation to how we feel.

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Take it up to yourself, dig her history and stake against your findings.You can dig her history on Facebook and any informative social media, by trying to know who is around her or what are her thoughts. What do the dudes around her say about her? Dig her past relationships and contrast if the guys are any better than you.

It’s scientifically proven under Behavioural Economics that two people, male and female, who have at once been in love, will always retract their moments if they reunite. Honestly, there’s nothing like exes behind closed doors. Once you’re excited and the sexual tension has gone through the roof, you’ll forget how you broke up or any staring danger. This is because we are always in a half a mind when sexually aroused (Read the psychology behind this).

Also if you want to know if your woman or girlfriend is cheating on you, experiment her with some tests. While you’re both chatting, grab her phone with the words “beibe hebu niwatch ile song ya Diamond”. If she jumps at you after the phone, there’s something fishy ongoing. But if she is clean and men-free, she will let you do anything with it. Women whose phones live on hand are serial cheaters.

You can even ask for her phone to text a ‘decoy’ friend. If she hands it to you, she has no seductions baggage in her inbox. But if she descents, just accept her or live with the lie. But be warned, clever women, empty their inboxes once the sexting is over.You need to be extremely talented to catch a cheating woman because they are good in the game.

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Some women even warn their girls from revealing confidential information. So it’s hard to crack them in a bid to know how your missus moves around. To be smart here, give them some tips and worthy privileges to be vigilant with you. (Culled: from UReports)

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