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What you should know about multimedia technology as a Nigerian communication student

In today’s digital society, creative industries are driven by people who can combine technical skills with the ability to meet design challenges. The competitive tech-based business environment has made fields such as mobile application design and dynamic web development highly sought after. The Nigerian mass media environment is fast adapting to the evolving digital world, thereby requiring multimedia technology professionals to survive amidst emerging trends in the media industry. For you to succeed today, you need a good understanding of the underlying digital technologies as well as the necessary design skills required to operate in the digital environment. This is where knowledge of the dynamics of multimedia technology comes in. First of all what is multimedia?

What is multimedia?

Multimedia simply means “multiple media”. It is a concept used to describe the simultaneous use of data from multiple technology-based sources. It is the use of text, audio, visuals, graphics, sound, animation and such other information dissemination forms to package and distribute messages to the audience. For instance, if you go to Punch Newspaper website, you will not just read text (written stories) which is the basic feature of traditional offline newspapers. You can now watch recorded interviews, see animation adverts, listen to audio-based news releases, in addition to the text you will read. This is a typical example of multimedia platform. A multimedia platform uses digital technology to integrate various components such as text, audio, video, graphics, animation, often with hyperlinks and interactive devices to engage the audience.

Here’s how udel.edu describes multimedia: Multimedia refers to the use of a computer to present and combine text, graphics, audio, and video with links and tools that let the user navigate, interact, create, and communicate. There are four components essential to multimedia in the definition above. According to udel.edu: “First, there must be a computer to coordinate what you see and hear, and to interact with. Second, there must be links that connect the information. Third, there must be navigational tools that let you traverse the web of connected information. Finally, because multimedia is not a spectator sport, there must be ways for you to gather, process, and communicate your own information and ideas. If one of these components is missing, you do not have multimedia. For example, if you have no computer to provide interactivity, you have mixed media, not multimedia. If there are no links to provide a sense of structure and dimension, you have a bookshelf, not multimedia. If there are no navigational tools to let you decide the course of action, you have a movie, not multimedia. If you cannot create and contribute your own ideas, you have a television, not multimedia.”

What is multimedia technology?

Multimedia technology refers to interactive, computer-based applications that allow people to communicate ideas and information with digital and print elements. It involves the use of computer software to develop and manage online graphics and content. Multimedia technology consists of computer-based facilities that used to integrate multiple information dissemination components such as audio, video, graphics, animation, sound, in packaging and distributing information, with hyperlinks and such other features that create an interactive environment for the audience. This refers to the technology makes use of text, graphic, animation, sound, and animation to deliver information

Career opportunities

There exists divers career opportunities in a variety of industries for people with multimedia technology-based skills. This is because anything that needs to be communicated to an audience can contain digital and print images, text, or animation to attract attention and deliver the message. The multimedia technology professional could work in marketing or advertising industry in Nigeria or other parts of the world. They could be employed in publishing industry where they would work as content creators saddled with the responsibility of managing, designing, or producing multimedia content for websites, newspapers, and magazines. Acquiring multimedia technology skills prepares you for a job as a graphic artist, digital photographer, instructional designer, production assistant, desktop publisher, website content creator, social media manger, among several others. With these skills you can work for the mass media in Nigeria or you can go into any form of media business on your own.

Multimedia technology professionals possess skills for designing a portfolio for potential employers. It is a versatile profession that acquaints you with skills in diverse tech-based areas including interactive media, website design fundamentals, electronic imaging, introductory photography, animation, multimedia programming, graphic design, and digital editing.

Another very essential job multimedia technology skills prepare you for is multimedia journalism. This is another lucrative skill in the Nigerian mass media environment. Multimedia journalism is very essential in today’s new media convergence environment where competition, deregulation, and digital technology break down the barriers among print, radio, television, and the Internet. Here you combine basic writing and analytical skills with knowledge of how to write and produce contents for multiple media platforms simultaneously. This equips you with skill-based versatility necessary to succeed in a quickly evolving and growing media market in Nigeria and across the world. Several media organizations in this digital age disseminate information through multimedia platforms – text, audio, visuals, sound, animation. With multimedia technology skills you can practice journalism even on your own.


Nigerian mass media environment is constantly in need of multimedia technology professionals in order to adapt to the emerging impacting of information technology on the industry. The Nigerian business environment is constantly in need of individuals with multimedia technology skills. This is why you should consider acquiring multimedia technology-based skills so as to remain relevant and sought-after in today’s evolving tech-based business world.


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