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What is Product Photography?

This is also a very technical and creative niche in photography profession. You come across product photography everywhere you look and everywhere you go. When you scan the web or flip through pages of magazines, brochures, and glance through outdoor advertisements, you often see products for sale. They are all being advertised through different types of product photography.

Product photography plays vital role in advertising and product marketing. Images are crucial to supporting the company brand and converting sales. The products you have recently shopped for, you probably first saw them where they were displayed on or offline either as advertisements or just a display. Those products had to be photographed first. The photos are used for online and print catalogs, as well as for labels and packaging. Many product photographs are taken in the studio based, with careful control of backgrounds, shadows, and lighting. Studio rentals can be fairly expensive so it you which to pursue a career in this area, consider building a home photography studio on a budget. Having your own studio will make the work easy for you.

There are different kinds of product photography. It could be simple studio photography, white background photos, using scale to show the size of a product, product grouping or products and lifestyle action shots. You also have non-traditional product images, studio setups, hanging product photography, and large product photography.

A product photographer could focus on food photography where they work for or with restaurants, or jewelry photography for fashion outlets. Most often, these may require models to get the best and enticing shots. This is an exciting area of photography which requires creativity on the part of the photographer who wants to pursue a successful career in this niche.

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