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What is Enhanced Podcast?

This is an electronic slide show presented as a podcast. Enhanced podcast is made up of an audio file with links to images within the timeline. It often includes images, text and other media, as well as audio. The still images move or switch systematically in the same manner as a slideshow.  Enhanced podcasts can be divided into sections (or chapterised), often using images to indicate the beginning and/or end of each section. The use of links and images allow for quick navigation between these sections or chapters. Enhanced podcasts could have embedded web links, enabling you to access specific web resources when listening to them in iTunes.

Enhanced podcasts are .m4a format (alternatively known as AAC or mp4 format). A layer is present so that the synced layers can be embedded. writes that Sony and Apple have adopted this enhanced format, which is playable on both Windows as well as Mac computers having iTunes installed. At present, Windows Media Player cannot play enhanced podcasts. The advantage of using enhanced podcasts is that you get audio as well as video content. However, the size of the file is almost similar to the conventional audio-only format, noticeably smaller in size compared to a video podcast.

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