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What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing has been referred to in various using various concepts. It has been called Internet marketing, e-marketing and web marketing, among others. Though these concepts refer to the same activities, the fact is that you need a clear definition of what you want to pursue as a career. Digital marketing is the use of internet and other technology-based platforms to connect with actual and potential customers of a company with a view to satisfying their needs and wants profitably. This may sound academic but that is actually what your basic job is as a digital marketer.

As a digital marketer you are managing different forms of online company presence such as company websites, mobile apps, and social media pages of a company with skills that engage people and get them interested in the company’s products. You make use of online communications techniques to achieve this. Such techniques include search engine marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, e-mail marketing and partnership arrangements with other websites. You need to understand these skills to be able to do your job effectively. Remember your basic objective is to acquire new customers and provide services to existing customers that help develop good customer relationship for a company. You hardly find any serous company these days that does not have social media platforms and other websites. You should learn the skills of making such platforms effectively useful in achieving marketing goals of a company. You should note that for digital marketing to be successful, there is still a necessity for integration of these techniques with traditional media such as print, TV and direct mail as part of multichannel marketing communications. Integration of off-line and on-line techniques are essential in fully achieving digital marketing objectives of companies.

In digital marketing you are channeling marketing efforts a company through digital media such channels as websites, email, search engines, and social media. As a digital marketer you connect with consumers on devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. You are to have a good understanding of where your potential customers will be online, what device they will use to connect, and meeting them there.

Digital marketing focuses on providing value to potential customers where and when they need it. The goal of digital marketing efforts is to put what a person wants or needs in front of them when and where they are looking for it. You achieve this through digital means.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term, and there are many specialized jobs involved in the industry, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media management, content marketing, data and analytics, and Pay Per Click (PPC), among others. You learn these skills before delving into the digital marketing world so that you won’t be lacking in any way. This is a very exciting and interesting profession especially in today’s dynamic digital world.

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