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What do you Think? Over 700 Ghost Teachers Sacked in Cross River State, 758 others discovered with fake certificates

Who is teaching your child?
News Flash: Ghost Teachers on the increase (Pix credit: Zanews)

It was recently discovered that about 753 teachers in Cross River State were sacked for having fake certificates. The most scary aspect is that another 700 ghost workers were discovered in the teaching service of the state. This was made known by the Chairman of Cross River State Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB), Dr. Stephen Odey. He said 758 personnel had fake certificates while another 700 ghost teachers were discovered on the payroll of teachers. This is the same state where a Head Teacher found wanting during the audit exercise was demoted from a head teacher of grade level 13 to a security staff of grade level 4. The bizarre development is that the 758 teachers with fake certificates were not sacked but demoted. This, according Dr. Odey was done because if 758 teachers were sacked and thrown back into the labour market, this will increase crime rate in the state and these teachers have families to feed. Based on this position, those who were not qualified to be teachers in the first place were given soft landing by keeping them in a place where they ‘faked’ certificate to get into. Imagine this, in only one state you have 753 teachers with fake certificates and another 700 ghost workers in the teaching service. Please how many ‘real’ teachers are now remaining in that state?

This may not be breaking news but it is indeed trending. The rise in ghost workers in the teaching sector is a worrisome development. The output of the primary and post primary education system handled by ghost and fake teachers reflects on University education. The quality of education at the primary and post-primary levels could be questioned with ghosts and quacks allowed to exist there. Meanwhile what do you think about the argument of the UBEB boss, Dr. Odey that the 758 teachers with fake certificates were not sacked but demoted in order not to throw them back into the labour market?

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  1. Nwabugwu Sandra ijeoma

    This country is gradually turning to “one”fake country

  2. Juliet ugochukwu

    Dr odey has done his part by reducing a little bit of corruption
    what a country

  3. corruption all the way,when will it stop?

  4. Dr. Odey has a point quite alright but he is forgetting that the educational sector will suffer because of his decision (1)

  5. Nigeria need people like Dr odey

  6. Okonkwo chukwu nonso (Q3) 201645090

    Dr odey have done a right job investigate ghost worker and un qualified teacher also in the state but should remember that education does not need crook, who find their way in work and instead for work for it they mis behave he should know that of thing could affect education sector especially the primary andpost primary education sector
    201654090 (Q2)

  7. nice job done but I think more investigation should be done when a job like this is being offered (83) group(15)..2016054129

  8. I think this country is gradually turning into something scary….for a ghost teacher to teach a student, I think in this situation Nothing is more cliche than this
    Quiz number :18
    Reg number :2016054049
    Group number 15 A

  9. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella Number:21

    The serious ones should be considered while others should be sacked so that the unemployed graduate should have job opportunity
    Group 15A

  10. It is applaudable that people who are caught in such acts are properly sanctioned, in other to serve as an eye opener to others

  11. sorry sir ommited my details
    Group: 15
    Quiz number: 20

  12. it is applaudable that people who are caught in such acts are properly sanctioned, in other to serve as an eye opener to others.
    Group: 15
    Quiz number: 20

  13. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    Job oppotunity should be given to those who deserves it
    Geoup no:15A
    Quiz no:31

  14. I really do not understand Nigeria at all. They have not seen anything.. It is still yet to unfold

  15. Akukalia Louis

    fighting corruption they said still it is getting more heavy in the country …
    group 15 A

  16. Nigeria is really becoming something else.

    Corruption is trending day by day.

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