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Welcome Ma, but Give Us the Money! Gov. Obiano’s Wife Storms Out of Meeting with Students as NGO Money Causes Commotion at Venue

Gov. Obiano’s wife, Mrs Ebele Obiano at the ETF hall of COOU, venue of the meeting with students

Written By Ifeoma Igboanugo, Ojiego Emmanuel, Ezike Onyeka, Sylvester Okafor and Nonso Okonkwo

There was mild drama at the venue of a town hall meeting today at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) where the Anambra State Governor’s wife, Mrs. Ebele Obiano was supposed to have a chat with students of the institution.

The event which began cordially turned into a rowdy session which made the First Lady to storm out of the ETF hall, venue of the meeting as she could no longer withstand the commotion.

Trouble began when the Governor’s wife unfolded her plans to assist some students as part of her Non Governmental Organization’s (NGO’s) activities but selection of which students will benefit from the gesture caused a rowdy session.

As the governor’s wife requested for the first batch of students to give some funds to assist in their education, it was alleged that all the students to benefit from the assistance were from one faculty. This angered other students who began to sing “we no go gree” protest songs to the dismay of the Governor’s wife, even when she attempted to do a proper selection of students by herself.

Gradually, some students began to approach the area where the NGO funds for assistance were kept, right in front of the governor’s wife, leading to a rowdy, uncontrollable atmosphere in the hall. The governor’s wife left the hall as the students could not be calmed down.

The meeting with students was part of the re-election efforts of the Governor’s campaign organization, though the event at COOU ended up on a sour note.

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  1. definitely, they play politics on it ,because just students from law was the first ten persons to be called up and this was not proper enough for the students ,and all have to react about it immediately, where it was to be blamed on the students was when she realized that majority of the students were not happy enough with the information ordered by the students affairs committee, she had to have change of mind towards that procedure and asked all students to stay calm for it will get to everyone ,for which I know it can’t be possible with the population at stake .
    So the best thing she could do was to throw money around and more over this would have reduced the crowd and stressed on her.

  2. Give us the money, we give you the votes.
    Deal or no deal?
    The choice is yours ???

  3. seriously it was indeed very disheartening to see only one faculty in the school being recognized when there were other faculties in the school… it was high time other faculties stood up for their rights

  4. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    That was political campaign if not, had she visited the school except from now that election is fast approaching.


  5. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    That was political campaign if not, had she visited the school except from now that election is fast approaching God have mercy.


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