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Weird Call! Ugandan President Museveni stops motorcade in the middle of nowhere to make a phone call

President Museveni making the weird call
(Pix credit: Kenya Observer)

This is a presidential style that is difficult for the world to understand. It is trending online.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has generated some kind of buzz online after he stopped his motorcade to make a phone call in a conversation he did not want anyone to listen to including his handlers.

Pictures show President Museveni sitting by the roadside in Kyeirumba in Isingiro district to make the very private call hours after High Court released Dr Kizza Besigye (a prominent figue in that country) on bail. It was not clear who the president was speaking to because even his security men were ordered to keep distance.
The picture went viral on social media with questions and speculation over who the president was talking to and the message that was being conveyed that no one was allowed to be close to him.

Source: kenyaobserver

View: DO you think the President should not have distanced himself for a call or people should actually mind your business? What do you think about this presidential style?

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  1. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    That phone call must be a secret something…

  2. this is serious, for him to distance himself from others even his guards,it shows that he wasn’t making an ordinary call

  3. may be there’s no network around that area, or there if alot of noise around him.

  4. Well i believe they should mind their business. Am sure there is always that phone call that we don’t want anyone to hear the conversation.

  5. Dumaka Francis U

    He was consulting d gods….lolz,he has d right to hold privacy n secret so its not a big deal,d stuff started gaining attention bcos he is a public figure.


    That phone call must be something important that demands privacy;making that phone call away from his motorcade is a wise decision.

  7. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher

    He shouldn’t have distance himself for a call as president

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