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“We Don’t Know You o!” Anglican Church tells Evans the Kinapper

The most trending negative story is still that of the notorious kidnapper, Chukwudumeje Owuamadike, a.k.a. Evans recently arrested by the police in Lagos. More facts about his activities are still coming out with several reactions from people including a law maker in Ghana who said Nigerian police are releasing too much information about Evans which could affect arrest of his gang members in that country (Ghana).

Meanwhile, the most recent information is the fact that the Anglican church (which Evans claims he is a member of and has done so much to support) has in fact publicly denied him.

Vanguard reported that the Bishop of Lagos West, Anglican Diocese, Revd  James Odedeji, on Friday, refuted claims by the notorious kidnapper, Evans that he was a member and a philanthropist of high repute in the Anglican family.

Revd Odedeji made the clarification while reacting to claims by Evans that he (Evans) had sponsored indigent students, given money to widows as well as donated to the renovation of the Anglican church building.
Speaking to an online platform through Ven. Paul Adeyemi,  Odedeji said: “We have verified it, and we are very certain that Evans is not a member of any elements of our church. We don’t know him and we have no affiliation with his person.
“All that he his saying about paying school fees for indigent students, helping widows and donating hugely to renovations of our church are pure lies. Please ignore the false information, it is only meant to mislead the public.”. Asked if Evans had probably been one of the anonymous philanthropists in the church, Odedeji replied ‘We know all our members, he is not one of us and he has never been part of us.”

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View: What do you think about this claim by Evans and denial by Anglican Church? Should Priests set up a mechanism for finding out what members are doing before allowing them to donate money to the church?

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  1. Dumaka Francis U

    This story is two sided in the sense that it is useless for him(Evans) to be making such claims,is he saying the government should go and recover all he gave as arms giving(if it at all happened) or just for saying sake?,he should know that whatever he says now would be of public interest
    On the other hand,it is unethical and inhuman for the bishop or church to deny him if he has been a part of the church community and a great contributor just because his source of wealth is illegal and into problem…just my own view



  3. Agbasimelo sharon

    Doesn’t really matter..A criminal is a criminal whether he gave aims to the poor or supported the church..He should stop looking for excuses rather face the consequences of his action.. Left for me he should be locked and the keys thrown into the river.

  4. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    Can you imagine?…When you catch a thief he will always try to defend him self.. But when he is playing the game he didn’t realise the consequences… ofugonuyannu…

  5. chikaogwu Chioma

    O di egwu…. ride on Evans… keep trending… na people wey get money them they find nah

  6. Ejiofor kingsley

    hmmm whether he was a member of that church or not he is a criminal and nobody would want to be seen in his company.

  7. Ezenwata Perpetua

    Am still wondering while he was giving this kind opportunity to explain things. Even if his his God’s own heart or what ever he claims be , kidnapper is a kidnapper and deserve to shot dead immediately.

    Quiz no 5

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