Friday , March 31 2023

Watch Viral Video Of Prophet Arrested For Failing To Bring Dead Man Back To Life

A prophet in Ethiopia is currently in trouble after failing to bring a dead man back to life.

The prophet, Getayawkal Ayele, had attempted to raise Belay Biftu back to life by  lying on top of him and repeatedly yelling “Belay, wake up”.

But this method was not successful as a result of which the deceased’s family members got enraged and began attacking Mr. Getayawkal. Some them began to beat him while some others fainted at the dashed hope of seeing their loved one back to life.

Mr. Getayawkal was saved from being killed by the mob by the arrival of the police who whisked him away.

The prophet’s crime was based on the fat that in Ethiopia it is a crime to abuse the dead; and Mr. Getayawkal’s action was viewed as abuse of the dead.

Since abusing dead bodies is a crime under Ethiopian law, the police arrested Mr. Getayawkal and a local police commander has told the BBC that the man, whose real job is as a health worker, is now in custody.

The incident was filmed and has since gone viral on social media.
Residents in the small western town of Galilee, in the Oromia region, said Mr Getayawkal first went to the bereaved family and told them the story of Lazarus – who according to the New Testament was brought back to life by Jesus.
They then appear to have agreed to dig up Mr Belay. After the failed resurrection, several members of the family fainted on the spot while others became angry and started beating Mr Getayawkal – at which point police arrived and arrested him.



Watch Video HERE

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