Wednesday , October 5 2022

Watch Viral video as Three Female Friends Gang Up to Beat a Guy Secretly Dating and Sleeping with all of them

A video has emerged online showing the moment three ladies were giving a young man the beating of his life over allegations that he has been secretly dating and sleeping with them all.

According to reports, a man who has been triple dating three close friends, ran out of luck when he took one of them to a pub without knowing that the other two friends were at the same pub.

This led to confrontation and they all found out that he has been dating and having sex with them all.

The guy, however, tried to deny knowing them anyway, but the ladies were too smart for that and didn’t fall for it.

The three ladies ganged up on him, dragged him out and gave him the beatings of his life.

Watch the video below:

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  1. 1st Timothy 5:18 “… And the worker deserves his wages”.
    He just got paid

  2. That serves him right…… metchewww

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