Watch Video As Passengers Escape Just In Time Before Flood Drags Away Their Car (Video)

Four young men narrowly escaped from their car seconds before a heavy flood dragged the car away.

The incident which took place in Tuesday July 31, saw some commuters on a flood-stricken road in Uttarakhand’s Haldwani city, India, escape narrowly from what could have been a fatal development. A footage now going viral shows how four men managed to scurry out of a car just in time to miss a free ride to disaster town.
The video captures two cars — a white and a red — and an auto stranded on road gushing with rainwater. As the men behind the camera yell (and jeer) at the people stuck in the cars to get out, those in the white car finally begin to disembark.

Then gradually all four men scrambled out if the car before flood swept away the first car then later the second car.

With Reported from India Today

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