Friday , December 1 2023

Watch: Thirsty King Cobra Drinks Water From A Glass Cup, Internet Stunned

This footage is really terrifying especially when you realize that someone is actually holding a glass cup for a venomous king cobra to drink from. Though the video is a bit old, if missed it then watch it now.

A video of a black cobra snake sipping water from a glass held by a man is going viral on social media.

The king cobra ranks high among the most venomous species of snake on the planet and are native of Southeast Asia.

It is the longest in the cobra species and is very commonly found in India.

The video of the venomous snake was posted by a person in response to IFS officer Susanta Nanda’s Twitter post, which showed a monkey and few ducklings sharing watermelon. “Love to share,” Mr Nanda said in his tweet.

A user named ncsukumar then responded with a video of a cobra drinking water. He captions the video as,
“Monkey and ducklings are eating watermelon and here u are watching the king cobra actually drinking water from a glass held in the hand. They too have to be hydrated then n there. But they don’t open the mouth to drink water there is a small nostril through which they suck water.”

The post is old, with the user replying to Ms Nanda in August last year. But it is again going viral since it’s the summer season and very few people actually hope to see a thirsty cobra snake.

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Though it’s natural for every animal to drink water to keep itself cool during extreme heat, this particular video has sent chills down the spine of internet users.


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