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Watch The terrifying moment a driver rams a man into a pole after ‘road rage’ argument that began with woman banging his windshield with her shoe


This terrifying footage shows the moment a man is run over after a woman is seen pummeling the windscreen of the same car with her shoe.

The video is thought to have been filmed on Saturday night at around 9pm in the Biggs Market area, in Newcastle City Centre.

It begins with a Ford Focus, sitting in the middle of the road with the doors open as a woman bends down to remove her shoe.

Suddenly two men leap in the vehicle and the woman starts hammering the windscreen with her shoe, in front of shocked revellers.

As the woman strikes the car with her sixth blow, the driver accelerates, sending her flying as she grips the car handle.

The car rapidly reverses and another man tries to get into the car and begins chasing it down the road.

Suddenly the black car stops and begins to reverse back up the road as the woman halfheartedly attempts to hit the car with her shoe again.

The motor vehicle then drives into the man, knocking him from his feet and into a road sign.

It is not clear what started the incident or if the individuals involved know each other.

Police have launched an investigation following the disturbance in Newcastle city centre.

Shortly after 9pm yesterday, police received a report of a fight involving a number of individuals on Groat Market, Newcastle.

An investigation is ongoing into the incident and officers are now carrying out enquiries to trace those involved.

Acting Inspector Michelle Jahangiri, of Northumbria Police, said: ‘This is a very serious incident that happened in a very busy street in Newcastle city centre.

‘This could have resulted in a very serious injury, and I would like to reiterate that this type of behaviour is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

‘We are aware of footage circulating on social media regarding the incident, and would ask members of the public to respect the ongoing investigation.

‘Officers are the process of identifying the victims and offenders involved, and will take robust action against anybody found to be involved.’

(Daily Mail)


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    Is this footage a play or real,seriously,this kind of incident shouldn’t be treated with kids gloves because life is involved.

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