Thursday , November 23 2023

Watch Terrifying Video As Humpback Whale Lands On Tourist Boat Injuring 4 Passengers

A shocking incident caught on camera captured the moment two men and a woman travelling aboard a tourist boat were injured and taken to hospital after a giant humpback whale landed on their boat.

The horrifying incident shows as the giant humpback whale breaches and crushes the tourist boat in Mexico, injuring four passengers.

The moment was caught on camera and shared on Twitter. It shows the huge whale leaping out of the water and landing on a boat, in Topolobampo bay of Ahome in the Gulf of California.

The footage further shows the large mammal leaping in the air to perform one of its characteristics acrobatic jumps. However, instead of landing back in the water, the whale crashed into the back end of the small boat on its descent. This made the boat to appear close to capsizing but it eventually stayed afloat.

It was a close shave with death for the occupants of the boat.


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