Monday , November 27 2023

Watch Out!!!! Chart-Bursting Movie Coming Soon!!! This is Only Close to Game of Thrones!! Don’t Miss It!!!

The year this movie was premiered, it was rated the Best Campus Movie in the South East Nigeria, it won The Best New Actor’s Award, The Best New Actress’s award, The Best Igbawood Movie, The Best Location for African Movie (Southeast), The Best Script Writer, The Best Director, and The Best Supporting Actor’s award. If you like you can doubt it for now until you watch the movie. It is only close in quality to Game of Thrones; and if you have not watched it, then…”You Know Nothing Jone Stone.”

As a matter of fact, one of the actors is a man called Stone.

We are about to upload this movie but we won’t do that without the consent of at least 60% of the actors/actresses. Those who participated should indicate “Go ahead” so we will be sue that nobody will take us to court. This is because when some of them see what they looked like several years ago when they acted this movie as Mass Communication students of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, they may even deny the entire school and say they studied in the University of Boston.

So, for us to flash this movie you should come to this blog and write “go ahead” as a comment and also indicate your role e.g. “go ahead” (maiden) or “go ahead (nwokike).

We are waiting for your response before we begin our series entitled “80 reasons why you should download this movie”. Here we will flash 80 shots from this movie (still photos screen-grabbed from the movie) for the world to see. We will do that in batches.

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Vote Now!!!!!

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  1. Umeora, Chukwudubem

    GO AHEAD Sir!!!!!! (youth leader).

  2. Go ahead (Akwaeke the Maiden?)

  3. This movie is captivating and I want to see what my predecessor did in their time. Go ahead sir

  4. Adibe - 2008054002

    Go ahead (Maiden).

  5. Go ahead (Egbuna)

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