Monday , October 3 2022

Watch: Biker’s Close Shave With Train Captured In Dramatic Video

This biker will definitely not forget the day he almost bade good bye to earth just for careless while riding. He had reportedly ignored the railway crossing gate that had been lowered to prevent people from wandering onto the tracks

A heart-stopping video has captured one motorcyclist’s narrow escape from an oncoming train. Footage from Mumbai shows how the motorcyclist escaped with his life seconds before his vehicle was crushed by the train.

According to Hindustan Times, it was a Rajdhani Express train that smashed the two-wheeler into smithereens on February 12.

In the video, the motorcyclist was seen trying to cross the railway tracks, apparently unconcerned about the approaching train.

He even ignored the railway crossing gate that had been lowered to prevent people from wandering onto the tracks, reports Loksatta. His attempt at saving a few seconds worth of time, however, proved to be a costly mistake.

The CCTV footage shows how the biker was forced to abandon his motorcycle on the tracks and run for his life as the train approached. The two-wheeler was destroyed by the force of the impact, but luckily, its rider escaped largely unscathed. He was filmed scrambling to get out of harm’s way and getting up after the train had passed.

The close shave has gone viral on social media. On Twitter, the video has been shared and viewed thousands of times, with many criticising the motorcycle rider for not following traffic rules


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