Thursday , November 30 2023

Watch As Two Men Rescue 13-ft King Cobra from Storeroom in India

Two environmental enthusiasts were in action in Cacher District, India after they got a call from locals that a snake was hiding in a storeroom of a private house.

Trikal Chakraborty and Nabangkur Das received a distress call from people living in Dargakona area in Cacher district that a venomous snake had hidden in a storeroom of a house near Assam University. When they got to the place they discovered it was a dangerous king cobra.

The two environmental enthusiasts swung into action and the entire rescue operation was captured in a jaw-dropping video.

Chakraborty and Das successfully rescued the cobra after a struggle but expressed their shock at the discovery. “To our shock it was a 13-foot long cobra weighing around 10kg. It was monstrous and this rescue remains a special one,” Chakraborty said.

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