Friday , September 22 2023

Watch As Serena Williams Sings Topless To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

If you’ve not watched this video you can do so now. It’s been viewed millions of times.

High-profile tennis star, Serena Williams went topless to sing a song entitled ‘I Touch Myself’ aimed at raising breast cancer awareness and the video has gone viral.

Serena posed topless and sang a song The Divinyls’s global hit ‘I Touch Myself’ for a breast cancer awareness campaign, a video of which she posted on her social media handle.
Serena Williams has not played tennis since the controversial US Open final, where she lost to Japan’s Naomi Osaka, and later accused referee Carlos Ramos of sexism.
For the last three years, Serena has not played a single tournament after the US Open and and she has not competed in China since 2014.
However, Serena continued to make her presence felt as she picked another women’s issue and decided to go “out of my comfort zone” in order to spread awareness about the issue “that affects all women of all colors, all around the world”.

“This Breast Cancer Awareness Month I’ve recorded a version of The Divinyls global hit “I Touch Myself” to remind women to self-check regularly,” Serena wrote on Instagram.
“Yes, this put me out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to do it because it’s an issue that affects all women of all colors, all around the world. Early detection is key – it saves so many lives. I just hope this helps to remind women of that.
“The music video is part of the I Touch Myself Project which was created in honor of celebrated diva, Chrissy Amphlett, who passed away from breast cancer, and who gave us her hit song to remind women to put their health first. The project is proudly supported by @BerleiAus for Breast Cancer Network Australia,” Serena concluded.
Fans poured Serena’s social media with appreciation, applauding her for taking a brave step for a major issue that is troubling women all around the world.

Source: India Today



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  1. Okere favour udochi

    Not everyone can do this. She really tried sha

  2. Okere Favour Udochi

    Not everyone can do this. She really tried

  3. This woman really have mind ….. although she’s doing d Right thing….but going topless..OMG …dats way too far.

  4. Topless?…… am surprised

  5. oh Chi moo

  6. Not just Topless but to remind women that breast cancer is not a child’s play…

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