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Watch as Newly Leaked Bodycam Footage Shows George Floyd’s Heartbreaking Plea To Police

Bodycam footage from the two officers accused of murdering George Floyd, was leaked to on Monday. The heartbreaking video shows Floyd saying, “Mr. Officer, please don’t shoot me” before the struggle that ended with his death on May 25.

In the video, Floyd cried as he begged police not to shoot him few minutes before his death in the hands of officers in Minneapolis.

Transcripts from the videos were released in mid-July but a judge in Minneapolis had ruled the video could only be viewed in the courthouse, meaning only select people have seen the footage, which includes more than 18 minutes from Officer Alex Kueng’s bodycam and 10 minutes from Officer Thomas Lane. These officers were the first two to arrive on the scene after a complaint that Floyd had attempted to buy cigarettes with a fake $20 bill to buy cigarettes at Cup Foods, a store in the Powderhorn Park section of Minneapolis.

The videos show Floyd in distress as Lane points a handgun at his head and another nonchalantly picks a pebble from the squad car tire seconds before Floyd draws his last breath.

“OK, Mr. Officer, please don’t shoot me. Please, man,” Floyd said when officers approached as he sat in his car. One officer had a gun drawn and aimed at Floyd’s head.

“I just lost my mom, man,” Floyd said in the footage first obtained by The Daily Mail. “Please don’t shoot me, Mr. Officer, please.”

The video further shows Floyd apologizing throughout as the cops cursed at him.

“Put your fucking hand up there,” one officer ordered. “Jesus Christ, keep your fucking hands on the wheel.”

When the police attempted to put Floyd in the back of a police vehicle, he warned them that he was claustrophobic. Floyd was eventually forced to the ground. Then-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin shoved a knee into his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds as Floyd cried out: “I can’t breathe.”

People who watched the incident close by urged other police officers at the scene to intervene, but they refused.

The death of Floyd following this incident sparked off protests and unrest around the USA which eventually spread across the world. The protests have continued in the US to this day. Chauvin and three other officers were fired and all are facing criminal charges.

(with reports from Huffpost and eurweb)



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