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Warning! WHO Says Ebola Cases in Congo has Risen to 29!

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Recall that we reported here sometime last week that the World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced Ebola outbreak in Congo. We said our story was a form of warning to all of us in Nigeria to wake up and be vigilante in order not to tell super story this time. When WHO announced Ebola outbreak in Congo sometime last month, the cases were not up to 15. Today we have 29 cases. reports that WHO has said the Ebola cases in Congo have risen to 29 but no new deaths have been recorded.

Let’s not forget that Congo is not far from Nigeria.

The alarm bells are sounding again. Dust your anti-Ebola lifestyle. Don’t shake hands anyhow. Wash your hands once you get back to the house. Report any unusual fever and such other illnesses. Though the Federal Government has tightened security at the international airports, we all need to be part of the monitoring team at our various levels o.

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  1. chai! what more can we do, if this Ebola disease come to Nigeria Omo na salt bath again. Abeg the WHO should crazily do something about this disease before it reaches Naija o.

  2. Thanks to the government for taking actions on time

  3. Chidume happiness. C.

    God should not allow ebola again to come into Nigeria again because is worse disease i ever witness in my life.

  4. When i 1st heard about Ebola,i thought it was a joking matter,until that night i took my bath with salt which it was said to be a rumour. But now the name Ebola scares me a lot please lets all be vigilant. If detected please report!

  5. the name Ebola will never see us in Jesus name

  6. This is a real cause for alarm.But instead of just talking about it the government should start taking precautionary measures. Whatever was done to fight and win Ebola the first time, better can be done. But rumour mongers should be warned to avoid the previous incident of salt baths. we all know how that ended.

  7. Ebola is a very deadly disease,please lets be vigilant

  8. Agina Gloria Ebele

    Everyone ought to be vigilant because of this deadly sickness because it kills faster than HIV.


    hmm EBOLA…..
    we should know the ways of preventing it ooo. GOD please help us

  10. nwufo vivian Chidimma

    Hey, i really got scared. pls something should be done to put an end to this virus, it really taking the life of people. I even started adding a larger quantity of salt into my food and drank pap and garri with enough salt to protect myself when it was in our country. tastelessness is better than death oo.

  11. May GOd help us,and we should also have to be enlightened about the preventive measures.

  12. wow we need to be very careful, Ebola cure is not out yet. we need to be very vigilant. “baba GOD we dey your hand”.

  13. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    Action speaks louder than words. It’s good the Government has taken action….God’s intervention is all we need in our country

  14. Benjamin David (S5)

    Ebola again…God help us in this country though its not our country…Thank God during Goodlucks time he used the Nigerian doctors to fight the disease… S5

  15. ohhhh my God!!! I thought this Ebola has gone fr good, God abeg protect ur children
    group 14

  16. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    Ebola again in this world this another tradegy that can led to the death of many innocent lives. God save us.But one thing is clear the sickness of the Egyptians is not for the children of God for by his ribs we are made healed .

  17. This information is very helpful.

    We all need to be careful.

  18. the government should take note of this before it will be to late

  19. Omenuko Adaobi promise

    Ebola.Nigerians should stay alert,block boarders

  20. we have to take safe mearsures in this case and go back to our old ways of washing of hands and sanitization

  21. wake up Nigeria!!! our enemy is close by.

  22. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    Ebola,with the experience still flesh in our memory, we will join hands together to say no to Ebola part 2. we will fight against it. The FG, should begin to put measures in place on how to check those crossing into the country through the borders .

    Quiz No 86, Group 10.

  23. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    Ebola is a deadly disease and kills faster than HIV, so we all have to be vigilant report.

  24. Thanks to the federal government who has tightened security.Ebola is indeed a deadly disease so we should be very careful to avoid it.

  25. Ebola is past and will continue to be past in our country.

  26. Thanks to the Government and the (who) who are taking necessary action to prevent this deadly disease and we must be vigilant.


    EBOLA is indeed a deadly disease
    preventive measures should be taken

  28. Preventive materials should be deployed to schools and many other places where they are needed to curtail the spread of this dreaded disease called ebola .

  29. Ebola again. Securities should supervise the airports and we our selves must take preventive measures and be vigilant.
    Quiz no:22

  30. I pray Ebola never returns to Nigeria,its deadly and takes people to their early graves
    quiz no:94,group no:6)

  31. Ebola Ebola Ebola…its not the first time we re hearing the name,we all knows how deadly its. so what so ever you do,where so ever you are BE VIGILANT….(40)

  32. Ebola what a deadly disease anyways let’s just be watchful and also try everything within our power to keep our self away from it & may the good Lord help us

  33. Jus pray this deadly disease wont reach Nigeria again. Abeg ooooooo

  34. Erokwu crystal chinelo

    Hmm please their government should do something in other to avoid further spread of the virus.
    Group number :15
    Quiz number :20

  35. Oh my God!!! I thought a cure was found, BTW z dis Ebola issue really true?

  36. Government should provide equipment, proper treatment immediately
    For the infected ones to avoid it go ho serious
    Quiz no: 9
    Group: 15A

  37. pls let’s make solid awareness on this to prevent it because Goodluck Jonathan isnt on seat again

  38. Ebola? Not again o the Government should please do something fast about it, this is a dangerous one

  39. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    Ebola is a deadly disease. please everyone should be very carefull to avoid this disease.

  40. Ebola virus is very deadly, so the borders should be well supervised SD we individuals should be vigilant and take preventive measures

  41. be careful,vigilant about this disease called Ebola, it is a deadly disease that kills easily

  42. Nnanyelugo karen

    Prevention they say is better than Cure….lets all put hands on deck to fight EBOLA!!!

  43. Iweorah ezinne Esther

    There should be immediate treatment for this deadly disease before it spread round. Quiz no 8 group 11.

  44. Umeh blessing Chinelo

    Chai God help us (s2)

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