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Walking ‘Dead’! Woman Wants to Dig Up Her Own Grave to Prove She’s Alive Seven Years After Her ‘Death’

A bizarre drama is currently being acted out as woman who was incorrectly declared as dead in 2010 is going to extreme lengths to finally end her bureaucratic nightmare.
Despite the fact that 53-year-old Juana Escudero, who lives near Serville in Spain, is very much alive, the state has believed she is dead since a clerical error seven years ago. reports that in May 2010 a woman with the exact same name and date of birth as Escudero died, which revealed a glitch in Spain’s Social Security information as both women were declared as dead, rather than just the one who actually died.
Since learning of the error after being told by an emergency-room physician that she was registered as deceased, Escudero (the living one) has been unable to renew her driving license or even visit the doctors.
The family haven’t seen the comedic side of the mix-up, with Escudero saying she has ‘suffered for more than six years’.
She is quick to point out that to the government she is dead, but to the banks she is still ‘alive and kicking’, and still needs to make her mortgage payments.
Despite trips to the court house and the Treasury, it appears the Spanish government cannot be convinced that Escudero is alive.
One doctor agreed to see her when she needed urgent care, however Escudero now plans to take drastic measures to prove she is still in the land of the living.
She is filing a petition to dig up what the government considers to be her grave (but actually belongs to the other woman who actually died) to conduct a DNA test and prove finally that she is not the person who died.

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