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Wake Up Abeg! Ebola Outbreak Declared in Congo; No Story in Nigeria this time o!

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This is a wake up call to every Nigerian. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced the outbreak of Ebola disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This announcement was made last Friday. The epidemic, which is currently small, is in remote Bas-Uele province, near the northern border with the Central African Republic. WHO reports that out of nine suspected cases three have died and the six other people have been hospitalized. The worrisome fact is that the first fresh case was reported since April 22. Who knows what has happened since then before WHO declared the outbreak?

This is a wake up call to everybody. Dust your anti-Ebola notebooks and refresh your memory on how to keep safe. Remember those things you used to do, especially washing your hands every time you step out and get back into the house. Beware of panic remedy and salt bath. Be careful with unnecessary contacts. Watchout for unusual symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle pain, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and hemorrhaging can begin two to 21 days after exposure. The disease is not yet in Nigeria but we need to get used to healthy living and playing safe to avoid what happened the last time in 2014.

The Federal Government is already saying there is no cause for alarm by taking measures to prevent any reoccurrence of the outbreak in the country. The Management of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has assured Nigerians of adequate surveillance at the nation’s airports. FAAN’s Acting General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Mrs. Henrietta Yakubu, told  the News Agency of Nigeria on Saturday  that there was no direct flight from Congo to Nigeria.

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Good measures by we all need to wake up and be alert o.

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  1. It is a good thing we were told on time so as to prepare for the unkwon disease.

  2. Okeke chiamaka gabriella

    Nigerians should be at vigilant in other to avert this terminal disease.. because once communicated it spreads drastically.. is better to prevent a disease before it occurs
    GROUP 15A
    NO 21

  3. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    Ebola!!!!!!!! Again in Nigeria, God please, protect mi from all deadly disease

  4. Ebola has come again, prevention is better than cure. We should all be sensitive in whatever we are doing..
    Quiz number:18
    Group number:15

  5. Ebola it’s here again
    Quiz number:16
    Group number:15 A

  6. here they start again..i was thinking they said its totally gone.
    quiz no 27

  7. Nonso okonkwo 2016054090 (Q2)

    I thought Ebola was no longer in African, all Nigerian hand must be on desk to avoid the out break of these disease in Nigeria,our airport authority must check people come for Congo and also centre African to prevent the disease from get inside our country.

  8. onyinye grace nwankwo

    Ebola again in Nigeria? please Nigeria health center should please find a solution to this.. By now that should’ve find prevention of this Ebola.. But maybe they thought it has gone!!! Oh yee Nigerians…

  9. God please save us from this Ebola.thought it has gone finally.Quiz no 11 group 15

  10. prevention they say is better than cure. the government at all levels and the governed should be at the peak of their hygiene to avoid sad stories.(quiz number 44 group 8)

  11. Ebola! Ebola!! Ebola!! what have we done to you that made u come to claim the lives of our loved ones…. it sucks seeing such deadly disease.
    group15b quiz no 51

  12. Chukwunedu Nkechi Fransisca

    Prevention they say is better than cure. People should be mindful of what they eat and the people they come in contact with. Very very vigilant and report any suspecting case to any medical center.
    Group 15a
    Quiz no:22
    Reg no: 201605002

  13. Please not again
    Not in Nigeria again

    The health center should please do something fast.

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