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Wacky! Thief Opens Shop to Sell Stolen Phones, Find Out What he Did When Police Came to His Shop…

Police in Puri Distric, India have tracked down a man who specialises in stealing mobile phones and presenting them in his showcase for sale.

A resident of the Suabarei area of Pipili in Puri district, Swain’s smooth business model collapsed when police were lead to his shop while investigating into the case of a mobile theft. “We were investigating into the recent theft of the cell phone of a student in the Chandrasekharpur area. The stolen phone’s network was tracked to Swain’s house. During interrogation, he confessed to snatching the phone on October 15,” said deputy commissioner of police, Satyabrata Bhoi, reports Times of India.

While it is common for stolen phones to be resold, Swain’s store was probably the only one which dealt exclusively in stolen phones. “We were shocked to see his showroom, which was filled with stolen mobile phones. During interrogation, he confessed to selling stolen phones. We seized 42 costly phones from him,” Bhoi said.

Police said Swain not only stole phones, but also received stolen phones from other snatchers in various districts of the state. “We are trying to find out the names of his acquaintances who have been stealing mobile phones. If required, we will take him on remand for interrogation,” Bhoi said.

 People in Pipili, where Swain lived, said they were unaware of how he was sourcing the phones. “He had told us that he was selling used or second hand handsets. Young people from Bhubaneswar and Puri thronged his store to purchase phones from him at cheaper rates,” said Pradyumna Pradhan, a Pipili resident.
Police are now trying to identify the owners of the recovered stolen phones. The discounts at Swain’s store were sizeable. “We seized two stolen iPhones from him. While the market price of each of these iPhones comes to around Rs 45,000, he had set their price at Rs 35,000. In the past year, he had sold stolen phones worth nearly Rs five lakh,” another police officer said.
Times of India


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