Wacky! Drunkards Association of Ghana to Hold Crucial Meeting Ahead of Christmas celebration

This is sounding strange but drunks in Ghana seem to be organized and are preparing for Christmas in their own way.

The Drunkards Association of Ghana has called for a conference to speak about issues concerning safe drinking ahead of the Christmas season.

At the conference, they are also expected to discuss job creation among alcohol abusers in the country.

A press release issued by the president of the association, Moses Onyaa popularly referred to as Drybone, said at the conference they will discuss how measures to be undertaken by their members in order to prevent any health challenges as they consume alcohol.

Alcohol abuse has been documented as the major cause of deaths in Ghana today. Medical officers in Ghana say that most cases of Hypertension, Kidney damage, Diabetes and Stroke are caused by the abuse of alcohol in Ghana.

Ghanaians are therefore being advised to consider putting their health first whenever it comes to the consumption of alcohol.

Meanwhile, Ghana has been added to a list of countries with high cases of alcohol consumption. In fact, a report conducted by the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP) also indicates that most alcohol consumed in Ghana are illicit.


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