Sunday , January 23 2022

Viral Video! See Community Where Sisters Of A Bride Twerk On Groom To Test If He Can Be A Faithful Husband By Not Getting An Erection

This might be the wackiest video you would be seeing in recent times.

In a video which fast going viral online, some ladies who are reported to sisters of a bride were seen twerking on the groom to see if he will get an erection or if he can exercise some restraint.

According to information gathered, the act is a traditional marriage rite performed in Cameroon to test a groom’s ability to stay faithful to his bride.

The groom’s prospective sisters-in-law will perform various twerk styles on him. If he gets an erection, it means he has failed and will not be given the bride’s hand in marriage.

Watch video below;


About Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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