Friday , January 28 2022

Viral Video! Clever dog helps owner working on his six-pack

If you’ve not watched this video then you should do so immediately. You might want to consider having a dog too.

A dog trainer has succeeded in getting his hound to help him with his workouts – by holding down his feet during sit-ups.

Cun Chivas shared the clip of his pet lying down and anchoring his feet as he lifted his upper body.

In the clip, taken in Hung Yen, Vietnam, Mr Chivas sits on the an outside terrace facing his hound.

On instruction, the dog lies down so that Mr Chivas’s feet can be hooked underneath its legs.

With his hands placed on the back of his head, the owner starts to work out.

At the end of the video, Mr Chivas affectionately strokes his dog on the head.

He asks the dog for each front paw as if shaking its hands. As Mr Chivas stands up, the dog bounds up too and follows him out of frame.

The focus of a sit-up is to draw the whole body up using the abdominal muscles.

A variant is the stomach crunch, which involves raising the body halfway up.

While sit-ups or crunches are a way to achieve a defined stomach – or ‘six-pack’ the plank has been found to be one of the best exercises for core fitness.

Watch video;

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