Saturday , February 24 2024

Viral! Photo of Weirdly Designed House in Enugu Engages Social Media Users

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This picture was posted on social media and it got several people reacting on the choice or taste of the owner. Before you know it people will begin to adopt this pattern of design for their houses, may be using other animal heads.

What do you think about this design?

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  1. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    I don’t no the kind of nightmares the
    people living in this house will be having..

  2. Ugboma Chinyere

    Its innovation. Mine will be a lion’s head…lol

  3. I can’t follow this pattern of decoration,so scaring ?


  5. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher

    I dislike this …..not too gud

  6. Ibeh Ifunanya Cynthia

    Group 13
    This is wired….. it looks like a shrine…

  7. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    This is just a weird design,its just a kinda shrine stuff ama choose a gorrila design who knows….?
    Group 3

  8. Omenuko Adaobi promise

    Am not understanding, pls who’s idea was it, it’s terrifying. And ugly I can’t enter such house talk less of living there
    Group 8

  9. It’s very funny the kind of house structure some people choose to build,anyways it’s they money.
    Group 13.

  10. Maybe the house owner might have a title relating to lion,who knows?
    Group 13.

  11. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    The owner of this house might be a tittle holder or may be he likes lion. well its his choice.

  12. Ifediniru Chidike

    Wow! this is making sense.

  13. Please it looks like a shrine and not a house. There are other beautiful designs people can use in building their houses not this demonic design.

  14. Obagha Augustine amaechi

    It’s work of act.. the owner want his house to be different

  15. So terrifying.i can’t live in that kind of house. No,I mean I won’t.At all…..

  16. show me a child that will not be scared to enter the mouth of that creature and I will show you the son of a chief priests

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