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VIDEO: Police Inspector allegedly brutalises woman who recorded him assaulting another man

A police inspector allegedly assaulted and detained a woman for recording him while he beats up “an innocent man”.

According to the Anne Bibi, who posted the incident on both her Instagram and Facebook pages, Inspector Lawal Murtala of the Dopemu Division, Lagos seized her phone and detained her for hours.

She further alleged that Murtala forcefully deleted the pictures and videos on her phone before damaging the screen, adding that the Inspector said videoing a police officer is a crime.

However, unknown to the Inspector, the lady had sent the videos and pictures to her sister through a messaging app, WhatsApp.

The Lady further alleged that the DPO at the division also supported the inspector, and ordered her detention.

She wrote, “Inspector Lawal Murtala of the Dopemu division Lagos, Nigeria, beat me up today just because I recorded him beating up an innocent man and was dragged to the police station.

“I was detained for hours, and the video forcefully deleted of which unknowing to them, I had already forwarded one successfully to my sister via WhatsApp.

“Then my phone was smashed and seized. Imagine going to report an assault by a policeman and I get detained instead saying a policeman can do whatever he likes and that videoing a policeman is an offence.

“The DPO, a woman was in full support of the policeman, ordered that I get detained saying I wanted to video to post and she will not let that happen. I was detained from 2 pm till 7 pm. This is INJUSTICE !!!

The police who should protect us are the ones victimising us and this should change. It is not just fair. We all should say no to police brutality.”

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Reacting to Bibi Anne’s post, some Nigerians have slammed the Police inspector and called for his sanction by the authorities. They also asked the victim to seek justice.

A poster with the handle @dayothomas wrote, “This animal in police uniform must be brought to book! This is Absolutely Insane!”

Another poster, @_seun_ade wrote, “This is so inappropriate. You need to take it up with them. Tag all bloggers and their boss, the Commissioner of Police Lagos State. They need to see this and bring them to justice.”

Ajibade Phillips, in a post on Facebook, said, ” This Inspector is nothing but an animal in police uniform. he is playing with his job. Take him to court to get justice. Real gbamileti kindiolowo. ”

Toks Ogunbiyi said, ” The commissioner, Imohinmi Edgal, must hear this! And must ACT.
Expressing his own view, Lekan Bright-Kolade said, “This must be taken up and the inspector dealt with according to the law.  This is unbecoming of our police.”



A reader, Maitala Zakariya, wondered why human rights activists were not showing interest in the case.

He said, “Please, where are all those pro bono and non-governmental organisation lawyers? They should pick up this case and help this poor innocent victim. I am very sure the police won’t pick up (the phone to respond to the allegations) until they meet the victim in question and settle out of court. But I suggest sir, that you constantly berate them until a logical conclusion is reached.”

Another poster, who identified himself only as Echeke, said, “Nigeria police breeding future revolutionists and criminals without knowing it. Too many injustice leads to self defence, which leads to vengeance and crime. I know that the outcome of this too many brutalities will need the Holy Spirit to contain. God help Nigeria.”

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