Saturday , November 25 2023

Video: Police flog couple having s3x against a bin in the presence of shocked tourists

This video has caused outrage among many social media users though the people present were cheering the couple engaged in the obscene act.

A couple were interrupted by police after they were caught publicly having sex against a bin in Benidorm, Spain.

Everton fan, Kyle G who shared the video on Twitter, gave it the captioned: “Only in Benidorm.”

In the clip, which has now gone viral, a man is seen dressed in a black shirt and beige shorts as he stands behind a woman in a floral-patterned dress.



The woman, who was pressed up against a big, green plastic recycling bin had her back arched as the bloke’s hand moved back and forth under her skirt.

Passersby were heard cheering, “quick, come” and “come, baby, come” after they spotted police approaching to break up the public sex act.

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