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Video of twerking grandpa goes viral! No way you can watch this only once

This is one video that will get you excited whenever you watch it. A grandpa in India has shown that age is not a barrier to a skill that you cherish with a passion. The grandpa literally proved that the proverbial saying “If you can’t dance well, you’d better not get up” is totally true. He was actually playing the instruments with a colleague but had to stand to teach the dancers some vintage steps. Lol!

A couple of days ago, precisely in the night of June 15, a Twitter user, Arun Bothra took to the microblogging platform to share a video that has delighted thousands of people. The video, which was originally posted on TikTok, shows two elderly men playing instruments while others around them dance in what appears to be a happy little party.

One of the musicians, apparently caught up in the moment, briefly stops playing his instrument to perform a little jig which turns out to be a superb modern day twerk. This move attracted cheers from onlookers and a ton of compliments from social media users.

Though his dance break was cut short by his colleague who was also playing the musical instruments with him, the video is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Trust me, you won’t watch it once.

“Work v/s Life,” wrote Mr Bothra while sharing the clip on Twitter, where it has collected over 27,000 views and dozens of amused comments.

The video was posted on TikTok four days ago by a user who said it was filmed in Rajasthan, a state in Northern India. It has been viewed over 1 million times on the short form video sharing app, with many praising the dancing musician.

“Super Dada,” wrote one person in the comments section. “You dance, Grandpa. I’ll come play,” another joked.

This grandpa has become an internet celebrity in a special way.

Watch video below;


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