Video: Biker Avoids Accident While Trying To Overtake Truck On Narrow Pass

This is one hair-raising video that would stun you.

A motorcycle rider had a narrow escape while driving from Srinagar to Ladakh, a region administered by India. As he rode through the narrow stretches of the Zojila pass, behind a truck laden with iron pipes, he lost control of his bike.

The stretch was slippery and muddy, possibly due to snowfall. As the rider attempted to regain control, he approached the edge of the path and was about to slide off it, but managed to pull over just in time. The rider behind him captured the hair-raising moment on his camera.

The Zojila pass, that provides vital road link between the Kashmir valley and Ladakh, is considered to be one of the world’s most dangerous mountain roads.

Though this incident occurred sometime in October. the video was shared by Bhupender Jaat on the YouTube channel ViralHog on Sunday. It has since gone viral.

“Everything about this video is legit, life-threatening. The road, the truck, the cliff, the traffic behind. Attempting to pass seems about as reasonable as texting while driving. Oh wait…” commented one user.


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